Flame Con: The Queer Comic Con in NYC This Weekend

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I’ve just completed my first day at Flame Con, the Queer Comic Convention in New York City. Before the con’s second and final day, I wanted to give a quick overview of the event for those that might be interested in attending. We’ll have more complete coverage, including an interview with the Vice President of Geeks Out, the non-profit that runs the event, later this week.

What Is Flame Con?

Flame Con is a small (about 200 artists, a few thousand attendees) comic con located in New York City, currently in its fifth year. It’s run by a non-profit group, Geeks Out, which also runs, among other events, the Diversity Lounges at the PAX video game conventions.

Should I Go?

If you’re a queer person and want to see yourself in comics and media, YES! I have already filled a backpack worth of comics to explore, many of which contain gay characters. If you’re queer, there’s almost certainly something for you here.

If you’re not queer but enjoy comics and/or are the type of person who enjoys browsing artist alley at conventions, you’ll also have a good time—there’s plenty of both original and fan art to be found.

Is the Event Family Friendly (Can I Bring My Kids)?

Yes, the con is family friendly, and people 21 or younger get in free on Sunday. There are creators selling 18+ material, but every seller I saw that had comics with adult content clearly had them marked as such.

Where/When Is It?

The convention runs from 12p to 6p today, in the Times Square Sheraton. You can buy tickets at the door.

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