SDCC 2019: Patricia’s Favorite Cosplay


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I met these handmaids at the Weta Workshop booth in the exhibit hall. One of them told me the red dresses came from Target! Image credit (as well as all other images): Patricia Vollmer

In all honesty, this post should be titled, “Patricia’s favorite cosplay with which she had the time to stop, discuss, and photograph.” I enjoy spending time getting to know the cosplayers, their motivations for their costumes, and any tricks their success. There were some amazing cosplay innovations out and about at San Diego Comic Con this past weekend, but I personally was very surprised at how little there was. When I attended Dragon*Con it was dominated by cosplayers, and Denver Pop Culture Con certainly holds their own with a comfortable proportion in costume.

San Diego? Not so much. I’m sure there are a variety of factors, from weather to how spread out the event is (everything is about a 1 mile x 1 mile square). I did a whopping 6 hours in cosplay, compared to other events where I did two full days.

I saw some great likenesses of some of our favorite characters, not to mention many creative twists! By far, the most popular new cosplay I saw was of Robin and Steve in their Scoops Ahoy uniforms from this most recent season of Stranger Things. And I can’t believe I didn’t get any pictures of the most well-done ones…there were several who looked really bloodied up from…um…certain scenes. If anyone has seen some great Robin and Steve pairings, please share them here!

By far my favorite of the weekend. Top Gun: Maverick had just revealed their trailer on Thursday, so this depiction of Maverick and Goose is perfect!
I came across this Ariel and Ursula on Fifth Avenue while running from the convention center to the Pendry Hotel to catch the SYFY Trivia Trolley. It was worth the delay!
This couple traveled to SDCC for a kid-free weekend. I was in awe of their handmade “wigs”. I wonder if they were part of the Guinness Book of World Record-breaking Kamehameha attack group last Wednesday afternoon.
Samurai Vader Warriors of some sort? Help me out here, fellow geeks!
There were many Deadpools, but this one was bee bopping around the exhibit hall with his boombox. Playing some great tunes!
Of COURSE I had to photograph these gentlemen! I’m sure they were way more comfortable than I was in my Marge costume in 2017 (my red shoes turned my feet to hamburger!)
This adorable group was in line near me waiting for the SpongeBob Squarepants 20th Birthday Bash panel. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it into Room 6A. They should have booked Hall H.
I was soaked in sweat wondering what I was thinking wearing a heavy long-sleeved dress on a July day in southern California. But then I ran into this young Arya Stark and suddenly felt I had no right to complain.
Who says only humans can cosplay??? This was parked on Fifth Avenue in the Gaslamp Quarter.
This is professional cosplayer Dean LeCrone, in his steampunk role of Dr. Artemus Peepers.
As seen on Fifth Avenue in the Gaslamp Quarter. Spidey really was talking on the phone, but he looks like a mime here, doesn’t he?

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