Review – Electric Warriors #6: The Planets United?

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Electric Warriors #6 cover, via DC Comics.

Electric Warriors #6 – Steve Orlando, Writer; Travel Foreman, Artist; Hi-Fi, Colorist


Ray – 8.5/10

Corrina: Rushed But Effective Ending

Ray: One of the most inventive, unlikely creative hit comics out of DC in a while, Electric Warriors has given us a fully original vision of the future set between the most famous DC future beats – the Great Disaster and the Legion of Super-Heroes. Set in an interplanetary gladiator match that turns out to be a front for a galactic conspiracy, it introduced us to some fascinating new heroes – and brought back some of DC’s most iconic characters in a last-issue twist. When we left off, the evil mastermind of the games had been revealed as a Firestorm-esque fusion of Lex Luthor and a Kryptonite-poisoned Superman. With Superman near death and Luthor exposed, Luthor revealed his next gambit to take down the heroes – bringing War Cry’s betrayed brother to the arena to fight for what he saw as his birthright. The series began with a story reminiscent of Jacob and Esau, and it makes sense that it’s coming back to that story in the end.

If I have one complaint with this final issue, Electric Warriors #6, it’s that War Cry is the only one of the main characters who really gets any focus here. His showdown with his brother is dramatic and delivers the emotional highs and brutal battles that we were expecting. Deep Dweller and the Khund warrior become minor supporting players, but the Dominator does get the chance to avenge his closest friend when he gets his hands on Luthor. Orlando’s DC work has always been characterized by a deep-cut appreciation of continuity, and the last pages of the issue explain one Superman’s new look in the DC One Million continuity. But it also sets up a fascinating new era of the DCU, in a world where citizens of countless planets came together to unite their worlds. Almost like…the United Planets.

Could this be the prelude to Steve Orlando relaunching the Legion? I hope so.

The beginning of the end. Via DC Comics. (And I have long admired the clean lines of War Cry’s mask.)

Corrina: I could focus on a few quibbles. I would have liked the supporting characters to have more of a role, like Ray, I would have liked a better explanation for why Luthor came up with this particular system of gladiators, complete with the back room dissections, and the solution was far too quick.

But those are quibbles. Electric Warriors #6 delivered an effective ending to a fascinating and imaginative original story. It gave more personality and depth to the other gladiators (and, thus, their worlds) and it’s emotionally satisfying, especially the rescue of Superman.

Plus, I’m a sucker for a hopeful ending.

And, yes, Orlando on the Legion of Super-Heroes would be wonderful.

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