Joe O'Neill and Paul Harding as Russell and Todd in 'Future Cyborg,' currently seeking crowdfunding for season 3.

Retro Unboxing Show ‘Future Cyborg’ Moves Toward Another Dimension (With Your Help)

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Joe O'Neill and Paul Harding as Russell and Todd in 'Future Cyborg,' currently seeking crowdfunding for season 3.
Joe O’Neill and Paul Harding as Russell and Todd in ‘Future Cyborg,’ currently seeking crowdfunding for season 3.

Future Cyborg, the best show on YouTube you’re (probably) not watching, will be returning for new adventures in season 3, but only with your help. “What’s Future Cyborg?” you ask? Well, as you’ll find out, describing the show’s concept is the hardest part of being a fan. Part toy unboxing, part dark comedy, and part retro nostalgia love fest, Future Cyborg is anything but ordinary.

Even creator and co-star Paul Harding has a tough time describing the show’s concept:

The pitch has been the hardest part of Future Cyborg… I think it’s a slightly dark comedy that takes place in the ’80s and pokes fun at unboxing videos and collectors. It’s a love letter (with a little angst) to collecting and growing up in the ’80s.

It truly is one of those things you have to see to fully understand (check out the embedded clip above), but imagine if the modern obsession with unboxing toys took place in 1986 in your best friend’s wood-paneled basement after a trip to Service Merchandise. That’s what Joe O’Neill and Paul Harding have done for two seasons as their characters Russell and Todd as they “Live tomorrow like it’s today.” So far, we’ve seen the two rip open sealed vintage classics like a Star Wars Rancor Monster, Kenner Superpowers action figures, a talking Mr. T. doll, and more to both the horror and delight of collectors and retro enthusiasts.

Like I pointed out when I identified Future Cyborg as a “criminally underrated YouTube Channel,” [It]  mixes top-quality production value with quirky and humorous entertainment to bring you an offbeat walk down memory lane.” And those productions values continue to rise. At the end of last season, we saw Todd and Russell venture into another dimension with slick production values and the always-smooth sounds of Dr. Flourescent. As the show’s ambition grows, so does the time, effort, and cost to make it, which is why the team is now seeking crowdfunding for a 3rd season via Indiegogo.

What’s in store for Future Cyborg, you ask? Well, according to the Indiegogo campaign:

“The all-new third season will be FILLED with gorgeously retro-style ANIMATION, but that’s not all! We’re expanding and we are doing everything we can to get into every Freedom Fighters’ living room. Figuratively, of course. Outside of the show, we are planning for some awesome Future Cyborg TOYS, COMIC BOOKS, VIDEO GAMES, and more!”

I asked Harding for a few more details about what we can expect in regards to the show’s expanded offerings:

If all goes well, we’ll first be launching a late ’80s style series of retro figures. Some of the sculpts are already finished and 3D printed and I’m just chomping at the bit to show them off. A video game is also in early development by my son (also know as Dr. Fluorescent, the mad genius behind the show’s eclectic mix of ’80s inspired music). The game will feature our alter-egos, Todd and Russell, as well as their upcoming animated alter-alter-egos, Obscenitoid and Mutilaxe.

At the time of this article, Future Cyborg is halfway through their campaign timeline, but still in need of funds to reach their goal. Fortunately, supporters will not only receive new episodes to enjoy, but some pretty sweet merch and perks. Not only can you snag some sweet pins, patches, and trading cards, but you can also add some screen-used vintage toys to your collection. (Boss Hog action figure, anyone?) And if you have a keen eye, you’ll also spot several action figures and prototypes Harding personally designed in the mix. (Did I mention he’s a professional action figure sculptor?)

Just a few of the many perks for the Future Cyborg campaign
Just a few of the many perks for the ‘Future Cyborg’ campaign

There’s almost too much cool stuff to mention here, but don’t miss out on getting in on the action. As the show grows in popularity and funds enable it to grow creatively, the sky is the limit says Harding,

Let’s just say that the sky’s the limit and I felt the pivot was necessary to help the show grow. I really want to explore a variety show concept hosted by Todd and Russell with loads of animation and tons of weirdness. It’ll be called The Future Cyborg Friendship Ship. It think this will probably qualify as a roller coaster ride. And, yes, we’ll still be unboxing beautiful vintage figures. I just have a bigger story to tell.

You heard it here. Check out the Indiegogo campaign and stay tuned, Freedom Fighters!

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