‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 2 Episode 7: Recap, Reactions, and Ruminations – “Light and Shadows”

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Welcome to another week where we recap, react to, and ruminate about Star Trek: Discovery. Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Episode 7 had a lot going on, even though it mainly focused on two connected story threads.

This post will contain minor spoilers. It can’t be avoided like in most posts in this series. So, don’t read ahead until you have watched Episode 7.

As with previous posts in this Star Trek: Discovery series, there won’t be a lengthy recap, but instead of we will focus on the basics of what we learn. Once again, I’ll be pulling reactions and ruminations from my Star Trek community.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Episode 7: “Light and Shadows” Recap

In “Light and Shadows,” the Discovery is still hanging around Kaminar when a temporal anomaly shows up. A probe needs to be launched, but the temporal anomaly is causing huge issues with the ship’s sensors. So, Pike decides he’s going to take a shuttle extremely close to the anomaly and launch the probe from the danger zone.

Before doing so, Pike gives Burnham some personal leave so she can go back to Vulcan. Back on Vulcan, Burnham confronts Amanda. Amanda leads Burnham to Spock. Spock is very not well. One thing leads to another and Sarek makes Burnham hand Spock over Section 31.

Back at the temporal anomaly, Tyler insists that he accompany Pike on the very dangerous mission. Stuff happens and the shuttle finds itself inside of the temporal anomaly. Tyler confronts Pike about his survivor’s guilt. Then they get attacked by the probe they launched after it was sent back from the future with some major modifications.

Meanwhile, on-board Section 31’s ship, Leland is trying his best to convince Burhnam that Spock is in the best care and that no harm will come to him. Burnham is pretty skeptical, but she acquiesces and agrees to leave. Enter Georgiou. She tells Burnham Spock is about to have his brain scrambled and Burnham needs to make her escape with Spock.

Burnham doesn’t believe Georgiou but eventually, Georgiou wins the argument. Burnham leaves with Spock thanks to help from Georgiou. After which, it is confirmed that Section 31 made a terrible mistake using Georgiou when she blackmails Leland.

The crew of the Discovery eventually gets Pike and Tyler back on-board. Pike and Tyler come to an understanding.

Burnham figures out that numbers Spock has been repeated over and over are the coordinates to Talos IV.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Episode 7: “Light and Shadows” Reactions

The reactions to Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Episode 7 was mostly batting about theories once Talos IV came into play. Below is that discussion:

Prafessor FunkHammer: I think Spock is receiving transmissions directly into his mind by the inhabitants of Talos IV.

Me to Prafessor: This is my theory that plays into yours: Yes, they are talking to him to get Pike there as the mate. The future person is trying to stop that so “The Cage” doesn’t happen.

David Chilson: I don’t know if I heard this right, but the ending made me wonder if they’re gonna tie the Red Angel in with the Temporal Cold War discussed in Enterprise?

Me to David: It would make sense if they did. Archer was going to be the future person, but the series was cancelled before that reveal. So, maybe they are going to make that canon instead of it being a thing Braga said on Twitter one day when taking questions about ENT.

Ryan Hayle to me: Do you mean so “The Menagerie” doesn’t happen? “The Cage” happened three years ago. I like the theory that going back to Talos IV is what brings about General Order 7 making the planet off-limits, but I sure cannot imagine what would be so serious to justify the death penalty.

I really hope they don’t touch on the whole Temporal Cold War nonsense. One of the worst aspects of Enterprise.

An interesting theory I’ve heard is that the angel is Burnham, who is actually a time aberration that isn’t even supposed to exist, and somehow will correct the timeline by erasing herself from existence.

Me to Ryan: Nope. I mean “The Cage.” When temporal anomalies are involved, doesn’t matter when it happened. In one of the trailers for Season 2, they are on Talos IV, Spock is with that flower and Pike asks him “Spock, are you smiling?” It’s almost an exact replication of the scene from “The Cage.”

Ryan to me: I hadn’t made the connection with that scene, that’s interesting. I guess I’m wondering how interfering later in a timeline you don’t want to exist at all can help to eliminate it, but I suppose they could come up with something.

Me to Ryan: I think of it like in First Contact when the Borg went back in time to try to stop the first warp flight. The whole Temporal Cold War (which was boring, I agree, even though I really enjoyed ENT) was also about going back in time to stop events and reshape the future.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Episode 7: “Light and Shadows” Ruminations

I really don’t have much to ruminate about after Star Trek: Discovery Episode 7 because I have a brain filled with different theories and predictions. I’m also wondering if Sarek making Burnham take Spock to Section 31 is what really causes the rift between the two?

I know in “Journey to Babel” we are told it’s because of Spock’s decision to join Starfleet and that was reaffirmed in Season 1 of Star Trek: Discovery. But I can’t help but think there is more to it. Especially seeing how emotional Sarek got when seeing Spock in such disarray. Why would that rift continue into TNG if there isn’t more to it?

There was also that great moment between Pike and Tyler in regards to survivor’s guilt, something we touched upon in our Season 2 Episode 1 ruminations. But the writers didn’t really get into it deep enough to really chew on it.

Plus, we are still waiting to see how the Culber storyline progresses now that he’s back but was absent from this episode.

While there were some moments that continued the overarching theme of trauma and trust, I think most of us who have watched all of the series are now jumping up and down, as we wait to see what the temporal anomalies, the Red Angel, and Talos IV all have in common.

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Until next Sunday, Live Long and Prosper!

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