Meet ‘Circle’ By Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen

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Circle and Friends Image: Candlewick Press

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Circle and Friends Image: Candlewick Press
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We’ve met both Triangle and Square. Now, in the final book in Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen’s trilogy about three friends, we get to meet Circle.

Circle is smart and plays by the rules, as we learn when she decides to play a game of hide-and-seek with Triangle and Square. After telling her friends they can hide anywhere but not behind the waterfall, trickster Triangle decides to go and find out what is so special about this forbidden place.

Circle braves behind the waterfall.  Image: Candlewick Press
Circle braves behind the waterfall. Image: Candlewick Press

Frustrated by her friend’s rule-breaking, Circle braves the darkness behind the waterfall to find Triangle, but that’s not all she finds. Surprised to see a third set of eyes in the darkness, Circle and Triangle assume the worst and make a run towards safer areas. Once outside the waterfall, Circle realizes that just because she couldn’t see what shape the third set of eyes was, doesn’t mean it was a bad shape. A nice lesson that many children and some adults would do well to learn.

Just like in the previous books, the watercolor art is eye-catching with the darker colors and a splash of brightness from time to time. Circle is an easy on the eyes picture book that any child can read for themselves or pair up with their favorite adult to read to them.

Look for Circle, Triangle, and Square wherever books are sold.

Circle and her friends are marketed towards the age range of 5-9.

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