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Games Workshop Invite us to Its World of ‘Warcry’

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Warhammer WarcryThe servitors at Games Workshop HQ are currently in overdrive, producing a seemingly endless array of new products, the latest of which were revealed at the GAMA Trade Show this week. For the full announcement check out the Warhammer Community page.

The biggest GW announcement from the show was a brand new game in the Warhammer:Age of Sigmar stable, Warcry. 

Warcry looks a little like a cross between Warhammer Underworlds and Warhammer 40K: Kill Teamperhaps unsurprisingly, since the designers of both games have worked on it.

The game is steeped in the GW “Chaos” lore and pits warbands against one another in short bloody combats. It’s slated to be able to be played on a coffee table during your coffee break, so is looking to be another easily accessible game.

Warcry will feature several Chaos Warbands fighting for supremacy and a narrative campaign system is promised, making it reminiscent of fan-favorite, Mordheim. 

Check out Games Workshop’s teaser trailer, and below that, some of my initial thoughts about the game.


We’ll bring you more information about Warcry  when we get it. The game is due to be released Summer 2019.

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