Pathfinder 10th Anniversary Humble Bundle

Don’t Pass Up the ‘Pathfinder’ 10th Anniversary Humble Bundle

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Pathfinder 10th Anniversary Humble Bundle

The fine folks at Humble Bundle and Paizo have teamed up to offer the Pathfinder 10th Anniversary Humble Bundle, a comprehensive collection of Pathfinder RPG manuals, strategy guides, supplements, and modules in honor of Pathfinder‘s 10th anniversary.

For a mere $1 investment, you’ll have everything you need to get started gaming with Pathfinder, featuring the well-designed Beginner’s Box and nine other Pathfinder titles including the Core Rulebook, the Bestiary, the GameMastery Guide, and the very fun-to-play We Be Goblins series of adventures. Plus, you’ll get a one-month free trial to the Pathfinder Online MMORPG.

That’s a lot of role-playing goodness for $1, but if you’re interested in venturing deeper into the world of Pathfinder, this bundle offers three additional tiers you can unlock at the $5, $15, and $18 levels.

If you’re willing to go in for $18, you’ll have access to a Pathfinder treasure trove worth $505 that’s comprised of nearly 50 titles, including Paizo’s campaign-expanding “Ultimate” series of books as well as numerous other sourcebooks, player’s guides, bestiaries, and gazetteers. Additionally, you’ll receive all six volumes of the Shattered Star Adventure Path, a series of connected stories which will keep your party adventuring for a good many gaming sessions. As a special bonus, the $18 tier also includes the Starfinder Core Rulebook, the foundation of Paizo’s popular space-faring Starfinder RPG.

All books will be provided as watermarked PDFs available for download from Paizo’s online store.

The Pathfinder 10th Anniversary Humble Bundle will only be available through March 6, 2019—so don’t delay!

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