March 2019 Blu-ray Picks

10 Can’t-Miss Blu-ray Releases for March 2019

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March 2019 Blu-ray Picks

If you’re a home movie fan, then you better hope your wallet survives March, because this month is packed with great flicks! Of course there are some heavy-hitter titles in the mix, but I always try and shine a little light on some of the lesser-known films of late and ever a few classic re-releases. Whether you’re into big budget blockbusters, award winners, or under-the-radar gems, we’ve got you covered. Check out this month’s cream of the crop below:


Propect Blu-ray

How could we not list this epic sci-fi tale when one of our own writers created some of the props in this movie? Connections aside, this is a can’t-miss futuristic treasure hunt filled with harrowing action and a girl’s fight for survival. Sophie Thatcher, Jay Duplass, and Pedro Pascal star in this refreshing independent flick. (Released 3/5)

Liz and the Blue Bird

Liz and the Blue Bird Blu-ray

If you’re a YA novel fan you may recognize Liz and the Blue Bird better as Sound! Euphonium, but by either name this story of friendship and coming-of-age drama is fantastic. Directed by Naoko Yamada and written by Reiko YOshida, this movie was named the best anime movie of 2018 by IGN. The Shout Factory combo DVD/Blu-ray features may be basic, but the story of music and friendship is moving enough to make this worth picking up. (Released 3/5)

Instant Family

Instant Family Blu-ray

While we may be a geek-themed blog, at our heart we’re just parents. I saw Instant Family in the theaters and despite it being equal parts cheesy and heartwarming, it was great to find a movie that the whole family could watch together and enjoy. Instant Family foots the bill and shows us the love and heartache that can come from being foster parents. (Released 3/5)


Piercing Blu-ray

A far cry from some of the other family-friendly recommendations on this list, Piercing is a diabolical horror masterpiece that will even make adults cover their eyes. In this twisted love story, a man seeks out an unsuspecting stranger to help him purge the dark torments of his past. His plan goes awry when he encounters a woman with plans of her own. A playful psycho-thriller game of cat-and-mouse based on Ryû Murakami’s novel. (Releasing 3/12)

The Legend of Billie Jean

The Legend of Billie Jean Blu-ray

Fair is fair, and what could be fairer than fair than a retro VHS-style Blu-ray of The Legend of Billie Jean for less than $10? The new nostalgic release from Mill Creek Entertainment brings back the cult classic girl power movie for you to share with a new generation of rebels standing up for what’s right. Start rocking out to Pat Benetar as you click “order” on this must-have cheesy ’80s classic. (Releasing 3/12)

Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse Blu-ray

You just knew this would make the list, didn’t you? As the Academy Award winner for Best Animated Feature at this year’s Oscars, Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse cemented its reign as one of the best superhero movies ever. With Peter Parker passing the torch to Miles Morales (with the help of several other Spider-Man iterations), this fun and action-packed movie is more than just a cartoon, its a work of art and not only the best Spider-Man movie ever made, but one of the best animated films of all time. The hype is real. (Releasing 3/19)

Perfect Blue

Perfect Blue Blu-ray

I avoid using the word perfect when at all possible, but despite its age, Perfect Blue remains such 20 years after its initial release. Satoshi Kon’s film about a stalker following his celebrity infatuation is equally compelling and disturbing. A revelation at the time of its release, this anime is even more appropriate in today’s social media, Instagram influencer, star-driven culture. The Shout Factory 20th Anniversary Edition is newly remastered and is the first-ever opportunity to own this cult classic on Blu-ray. (Releasing 3/26)

Life After Flash

Life After Flash Blu-ray

Ever wondered what happened to Sam Jones after the endearingly cheesy sci-fi film Flash? Wonder no more. This documentary takes an in depth look at the actor’s life after a box office bomb and the film’s legacy through tons of celebrity interviews. There’s plenty to digest in this look at celebrity, con culture, and perseverance. Ah-a! (Releasing 3/26)

If Beale Street Could Talk

If Beale Street Could Talk blu-ray

The Barry Jenkins-directed film adapting the critically-acclaimed work of James Baldwin stars newly-minted Oscar winner Regina King and costar Stephan James in this can’t-miss love story.  It’s not a happy-go-lucky love story, but one of hardship and substance focusing on young lovers in 1970’s Harlem. The film is beautifully shot and every bit deserving of its acclaim. (Releasing 3/26)


Aquaman Blu-ray

DC’s underwater hero made a huge splash on the big screen, and now’s your opportunity to bring the fun, action-packed adventure home. The dialogue may be haltingly bad at times (“Call. Me. Ocean Master!” Ugh.), and the special effects jarring, but it’s a huge leap in quality from several previous DC films and one the whole family can enjoy. I look forward to upcoming sequels, but this is a great place to start. (Releasing 3/26)


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