Review – The Dreaming #6: A New Dreamer

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The Dreaming #6 cover, via DC Comics.

The Dreaming #6 – Simon Spurrier, Writer; Bilquis Evely, Artist; Mat Lopes, Colorist


Ray – 8.5/10

Simon Spurrier’s reinvention of the world of The Sandman concludes its first arc in The Dreaming #6 with a game-changing twist that upends the entire concept of the series. When we last left off, Judge Gallows’ rule of the Dreaming had turned into a dystopian dictatorship and he was threatening to escalate by closing the Dreaming off to new ideas forever.

The Machiavellian Cain took on a dangerous journey to protect his realm – and Dora discovered the first pieces of her true identity. This chaotic issue brings together all three plotlines and sets up a new era, but not without a lot of trauma for everyone involved. In the ruined remnants of the Dreaming, Cain drags a maimed Abel through the fields while Dora grapples with the reveals about her true identity – and who left her like this, and who tried to restore her. Dora’s journey over the course of this series has been a fantastic story of identity and overcoming trauma.

The Dreaming #6
Ruins of the Dreaming. Via DC Comics.

I wish the final battle with Judge Gallows was as compelling, but it feels like a summer blockbuster breaks out in this book for a minute. It’s a big, explosive fight with multiple characters transforming into new and unnatural beings. The resolution of the rivalry between Cain and Abel has been telegraphed for a while, but it’s still highly satisfying to see the dog bite back and set up a new dynamic for the Dreaming.

But the ending is what utterly fascinated me here. We’ve seen the Dreaming under the control of the Lord of Dreams and under the rule of a cruel usurper who cares about nothing but order. But now we see it under the rule of something else – a new being with more power than they can possibly understand and the potential to use or abuse it. How do you raise a baby God? I guess we’ll find out, and Bilquis Evely once again nails the issue art-wise, especially the final page.

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2 thoughts on “Review – The Dreaming #6: A New Dreamer

  1. “fascinates you” only if you have absolutely no respect for the source material at all…

  2. I honestly can’t comprehend anyone who actually read Sandman liking this thing… I tried. I really did. But for this to be the conclusion of an arc with Lucien apparently dead, Cain dead, nothing truly resolved or explained, and Siri’s idiot cousin taking over The Dreaming I can’t comprehend how anyone can sit here and honestly write anything professing to like it. Never mind that Si doesn’t seem to know what Cain’s mark is actually for (since he’s using lore from TV’s Lucifer / CW’s Supernatural instead of the actual folkloric rules about his mark addressed in Season of Mists), or he has written everyone (even Lucien) as cruel and unlikable and unpleasant. And poor Merv has been reduced to a racist Trump Supporter cliche based solely on casual classism since he’s the janitor type.

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