LionForge to Continue Voltron Comics But Will Not Deviate From the Television Ending – UPDATED!

Voltron Series 4

UPDATE: After this article was posted, LionForge sent us the following statement:

“While we do plan to continue our Voltron Legendary Defender comics in a fourth volume, we do not yet have a final release date or story direction to confirm. We can assure fans that we will, as we have always done, work closely with our partners at Dreamworks to deliver the highest quality and most authentic Voltron comic book experience possible.”

The original story is below.

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Andrew Gaska, the editor of the Voltron series for LionForge, and he shared some exciting news for Voltron fans: the Voltron comics will continue, at a minimum, through volume four. In our interview, he teased the new issue:

Honerva has summoned immense amounts of quintessence and has disappeared. All of reality—make that all realities—are at stake. Blaming herself for letting Honerva go, Allura is determined to find her. The stage is set.

While the first three volumes of the comics have taken place within earlier seasons of the DreamWorks television series, the Gaska told me the next volume will take place in final season, and will feature both the Atlas and Voltron teams. He was eager to discuss the new issue and commented to me, “I’m very excited about the story Mitch [Iverson] has come up with, and I’m having a lot of fun developing it with him.”

He explained, “in volume four of our comic series, both the Voltron and Atlas teams are searching for Honerva when they have an encounter with a mysterious black hole that is somehow ejecting strange energies into the cosmos. When those energies begin to coalesce as horrific monsters, the Voltron and Atlas teams have to learn to work together or risk losing everything.”

Gaska also confirmed that the comics, if they continue beyond volume four, will not diverge from the show’s controversial final ending, in what will likely be a blow to queer and other minority fans.

Voltron’s last season received a mere 8% audience approval on Rotten Tomatoes and has been harshly criticized for its marginalizing depiction of queerness (including forcing the sole gay hero into early retirement) and its decision to kill off the only leading woman of color to generate drama.

For many fans, the comics were their last hope for a better ending for their representation.

Gaska said they will not create an alternate continuity, as required by their license and relationship with DreamWorks. He did stress that, if the comics continued past the end of the show, they planned to explore new events based on what happened in the final season. He promised, “if we do move forward, I’ve got some more surprises in store for the fans.”

Voltron Comic Volume 4 Cover
Voltron Volume 4 Cover by LionForge Comics

LionForge will release volume four of Voltron this Summer. The volume will be written by Mitch Iverson, with art by Rubine and Beni Lobel, and edited by Andrew Gaska.

What do you want to see explored in the Voltron comics? Let us know in the comments.

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