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Quick Hits: New Kids Music for Wintry Moods

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Depressed by early sunsets and dark nights? Slick, cold streets got you down? Well, there’s a few sunny new tunes to get you and the kids rocking this season. The “winter is fun” theme is clearly in play as Cowboy Andy and the Salamanders present “SNOW!”…yes, with the exclamation mark.

Salamaders Music
“Snow!” from Captain Andy and the Salamanders

There’s even a disco dance break in the middle of the song, with an instructional snow dance for the kids. The band promises a new album, Put Your Arms in the Air! this May, as spring flowers are blooming. In the meantime, you can grab “SNOW!” and throw it to the kids (not at them) right here.

Mista Cookie Jar and Grammy winner Secret Agent 23 Skidoo have teamed up for “Rock This World,” a power rap/pop positive values message. The song implores kids to go all in with their hearts and good intentions:

You’re such a work of art

And I don’t mean that


You are so beautiful.

You perfect jewel.

You nutty squirrel.

You rock our world!

Mista Cookie Jar Song
“Rock This World” from Mista Cookie Jar and Secret Agent 23 Skidoo

CJ and 23 make a good team and have recorded before. “Rock This World” is another fine gem in their shared collection. Grab a listen here at Bandcamp.

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