My Son Dug Star Wars Xcavations – So Will Yours!

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I have to admit to being impressed at how the Uncle Milton company has found synergy with the Star Wars Science line. All of them are kooky fun.

So I feel bad, because it’s taken me FOREVER to review these Xcavations set. So long that they’re not even on the Uncle Milton site anymore! Still, you can buy them in stores…

Xcited to Xvacate!

My son was thrilled though. He loves blind boxes. A quick check of the backs showed that he had six possibilities. Know what he wasn’t expecting?


Kinetic sand. Yup, rather than load the boxes with dirt, the people at Uncle Milton won his heart (and mine) by putting in easy to clean, sticky sand.

Second box, enjoying the feel

Both boxes, alas, had the same alien, a Gamorrean. That squished his excitement a bit.

This was not the skull he was looking for.

The sand though, made up for it. He played with that another hour.

As near as I can tell, the only online source for these anymore is Wal*Mart. Still, worth snatching a few up to stick on a “reward shelf”.

Note: Uncle Milton sent me these to review waaaay back when. I’m a monster.

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