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Four reusable stickers (or beacons) are all you need to turn a regular whiteboard into a smart digital whiteboard… that is the simplicity behind the concept of Rocketboard.

Rocketboard Kickstarter
(Image from Kickstarter)

We have covered the Rocketbook line of analog notebooks with digital features before on GeekDad, and now the folks at Rocketbook have a new product on Kickstarter called Rocketboard. Rocketboard consists of four small reusable stickers (or beacons) that you stick on to the corners of any existing whiteboard, and when used in conjunction with the Rocketbook mobile app, it enhances, digitizes, and automatically sends the content of your whiteboard to your cloud service of choice.

Sure, you could do this before by just taking a picture with your smart phone, but the picture wasn’t always in focus or aligned properly and the image quality wasn’t always the greatest. Rocketboard handles all of those problems for you and it even allows you to automate sending the contents of the whiteboard off to the cloud service(s) you use for storage and later use. For someone who either works in industry or academia that uses whiteboards on a daily basis, I see this as a potential game changer.

At the time of the writing of this article, the Rocketboard Kickstarter was already fully funded at 1522%. There is still about a week to go on the Kickstarter, so you still have a few days to snag a single Rocketboard (four beacons for a single whiteboard) for just $12 or two Rocketboards for $21. If this is something you are excited about, I would jump in on the Kickstarter and get yours before you have to get in line and order one when they start selling to the general public. You should always be cautious about Kickstarters, but considering our past history and experience with the Rocketbook line of products, I think this particular Kickstarter item is on pretty solid ground.

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