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Eagle Eyes Optics offers a wide variety of solutions for those of us that spend a lot of time looking at screens. So why not save yourself some eye strain with a set of great polarized blue blocking clip-ons!

What is it?

Eagle Eyes Optics uses NASA-grade technology to filter out harmful blue light and UVA and UVB to help alleviate strain on your eyes and allow you to see the world in the crispest, clearest way possible. Eagle Eyes has developed TriLenium technology into their lenses, which helps astronauts survive vision challenges in space.

My Thoughts

Upon unboxing my package from Eagle Eyes I could see that every element included is steeped in quality and refinement. I had ordered a set of clip-on lenses to go over my daily wear glasses. Being a professor, writer, and nerd, I spend an excessive amount of time staring at screens the entire day. When not doing that, I spend my outdoor time fishing, where the need for polarized lenses is a must. Obviously, I need a flexible set of optics. The Eagle Eyes Clip-On Universal set was my choice.

The set comes with 3 sets of clip-on lenses. The clip-on Universal pair is good for everyday use with sunlight and computer screens. Universal has the TriLenium technology polarization used by NASA, so you are protected on earth and in space. The second set is the Universal NL, which helps you see better at nighttime and in dark settings. If you are driving, in a movie theater, or walking your dog at night, this makes signs and objects crisper in such low light settings. Lastly, the Universal DT is available for those of us that spend the day looking at our phones and tablets and want to avoid eye strain or having our sleep affected by being exposed to the electronic light.

I tested all of these options over the course of a week and can say that each set performed excellently in every possible scenario. I’m even using the DT lenses while writing this article. I have purchased dozens of clip-on solutions over the years, and almost all of those lenses were poorly constructed in comparison to these. The lenses are thicker and stronger than the average clip-on, and the clip mechanism itself is also better. By flipping the lenses up and down in front of my PC, I can see the change in image quality and how the blue light is filtered out.

Taking a trip to my local pond to see how Eagle Eyes would help in my fishing endeavors, I found that the water looked crystal clear and there was no issue with glare. I am pretty excited about this upcoming season, and not spending hundreds of dollars on a new pair of decent polarized glasses means more money for gear. Driving at night is also an issue for me, and I was trepidatious about wearing anything that might make the world darker. Thankfully, Eagle Eyes did an amazing job of making highway signs clearer and more defined, so they will find a home in my glove box from now on.


Eagle Eyes Optics offer great, affordable products for just about any vision issue you may have from technology, sunlight, or driving. I have been wearing glasses my whole life and have tried many solutions, and Eagle Eyes is by far one of the best and most affordable products I have found. Pick some up!

You can purchase a set of Eagle Eyes Optics lenses from as low as $23.00 to $99.00 from their website.

A set of Eagle Eyes Optics was made available for GeekDad for this review.

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