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CES: Best of the Rest of 2019

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Every year CES features the greatest new technology, often along with some that few can imagine ever made it past the concept phase. The annual CES Innovation Awards program recognizes the most outstanding products for their design and engineering, but there are always some that might receive somewhat less appreciation than is deserved…

Featuring both voice and touch-screen capabilities, the Capstone Connected Home’s Google-Enabled Smart Mirror conveniently allowing users to access Google Voice Assistant, check traffic and weather, stream YouTube, access social media feeds, and even run downloadable applications. The mirror will be available in several sizes. The first 19×22 inch units will be available for purchase very soon at modernlifestyleconnections.com.

Capstone Connected Home’s Google-Enabled Smart Mirror.
Capstone Connected Home’s Google-Enabled Smart Mirror.
Image Credit: Capstone

The Crosshelmet X1 motorcycle helmet has all the bells and whistles, and then some more. An augmented reality heads-up display shows navigation, ride data, and a view behind the rider (thanks to the integrated wide-angle rearview camera) without taking attention from the road ahead. The helmet also has an incredible sound system with noise reduction. The CrossHelmet smartphone app (both iOS and Android) controls all the CrossHelmet functions.

The Crosshelmet X1 is available for pre-order through Indiegogo InDemand for $1599, and is scheduled to be distributed in March 2019 at a retail cost of $1799—visit www.crosshelmet.com for all the details.

Crosshelmet X1 motorcycle helmet features a VR HUD.
Crosshelmet X1 motorcycle helmet features a VR HUD.
Image Credit: Crosshelmet

Appearing to be a normal bed, replacing the box spring with the Rocking Bed turns a full, queen, or king-size bed frame into a gentle, swaying motion machine that will sooth users, promote relaxation, and provide better quality sleep. Available for purchase now at rockingbed.com.

And finally, a special mention to a product that is making a return to the list after it was included a few years ago—now that it is nearing production and accepting names on a pre-order waitlist…

The robotic FoldiMate is the laundry assistant that everyone always wanted, folding all the clothes faster and neater than just about anyone. The technology automatically adjusts the folding method based on the item type and size, plus the user’s preferences and the size of their shelf or drawer. Add your name to the waitlist at foldimate.com.

Foldimate robotic laundry folding assistant.
Foldimate robotic laundry folding assistant.
Image Credit: Foldimate

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