Pedro Pascal and Sophie Thatcher in 'Prospect.'

Behind the Scenes on a Sci-Fi Movie – ‘Prospect’ – Part 1

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Prospect is an indie sci-fi the film I worked on in 2017 building and finishing props and sets. It saw national theatrical release in November 2018 and is now available to pre-order on Blu-ray or on iTunes!

This is part one of an eight part weekly series that will culminate with the movie’s home release on March 5th.

Aurelac Case

Screenshot from the trailer of the Aurelac case.
I then heat sealed the foam with a heat gun which also got the lines to pop. This ensured that the very top edges were sharp and crisp.
I then proceeded to cut the octagons out all the way through the foam.
I then dug out some squares from the Pelican foam and tacked down a length of cottom tube sleeve to make a pocket for sign off from the Production Designer and Director.
I got the green light so did the rest. The socks were held down with Super77.
I then glued the EVA foam down with Super77 and loaded up the Aurelac!

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