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Review – Justice League #14: Reunion on Thanagar Prime

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Justice League #14 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Justice League #14 – Scott Snyder, Writer; Jim Cheung, Penciller; Stephen Segovia, Artist; Mark Morales, Inker; Tomeu Morey, Wil Quintana, Colorists


Ray – 8.5/10

Corrina: Cheesecake Hawkwomen

Ray: Last week, Corrina and I both enjoyed the latest issue of Hawkman, but wondered what it meant for Hawkgirl given that she didn’t seem to have any role in his new origin. I was less worried because of Kendra’s prominence in Scott Snyder’s Justice League – and this issue makes clear that while Venditti is setting Carter Hall off on his own, Snyder is doing the same to Hawkgirl. In the aftermath of Drowned Earth, the League is tying up loose ends. While Batman and his new “son” Jarro are trying to get into the head of the comatose Starman (and Jarro boasting that he’s strong like his dad is the best thing), Hawkgirl and Martian Manhunter are off on their own mission to Thanagar Prime. This mysterious planet seems to be unhinged in time and space, existing in many different places at once. It’s also the site where they’re keeping the elderly Martian who is the host for all of Mars’ existing knowledge.

As the two heroes arrive, they’re met by an army of guards – who are called off by the Empress of Thanagar Prime, Shayera Thal. That’s right, one of the original Hawkgirls exists on her own aside from the current Hawkgirl. This clearly raises a whole lot of questions about the entire mythology, and while we don’t get any real answers here, Snyder’s use of the two newer members of the Justice League is very effective. His Martian Manhunter is fascinating in particular, a melancholy mess of secrets. As the issue unfolds, it becomes clear that something sinister is lurking on Thanagar Prime, and it leads to a truly bizarre cliffhanger. I can safely say I was NOT expecting to see the New 52 Hawkman return as a villain, but that’s the joy of Snyder’s newly cosmic view of the DCU. Anything is up for grabs, and even the most forgotten bits of continuity can be reinvented. This is a highly enjoyable event comic every issue.

Planet of the Hawks. Via DC Comics.

Corrina: :: gets distracted by numerous cheesecake panels of both Hawk woman::

Pondering: Does our Hawkgirl have trouble keeping her pants from sliding off with that barely-over-the-hip things? That Hawk buckle is not helping as it’s only proof she also seems to bikini wax. Dude, that’s right over her vajajay.

Yes, I know J’onn was also shirtless but he never got an upskirt shot and his bottom costume is covering all of his jiggly bits. (Assuming J’onn has them, given he can shapeshift and if he can, why not hide something that might be vulnerable during a fight? And now I’m recalling the wonderfully weird Martian Manhunter #1 sex from last week.)

I did not want to get distracted by these things this issue. I wanted to enjoy the story, which did give me double the Hawkwomen. The idea of Thanagar phasing in and out was interesting, as was the deep dive into the DC history of the last Martian.

Unfortunately, DC seems to have taken the opportunity to give me double the cheesecake. Uh, thanks? My rule of cheesecake is that it’s all good unless it’s so obvious that it becomes distracting. And this? Tossed me right out of the story, because of the angles and the obvious impracticality of Earth-Hawkwoman keeping her pants on.

P.S. Jarro and his “dad” are awesome.

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