Geeky Christmas Songs


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Wolverine Christmas Music
Image By Rebecca Angel

Have yourself a Geeky Christmas. I do love inserting Christmas-themes into everything this time of year. In Geek-Twisting Holiday Songs, I looked up some funny parodies. I even put my hand to a few. You can listen to my pirate carol: No Ale, No Ale here.

A nod to my favorite Marvel villain:

Loki Was a Gentleman
(To the tune of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen)
Loki was a gentleman when he took all the power.
His smile was quite debonair as he told us to cower.
“Sweet lady, kneel before me now, no need to look so sour.
Many thanks, this encounter’s been a joy, been a joy.
Many thanks, this encounter’s been a joy.”

This year, I wrote a new Geeky Christmas parody as a tribute to all the Marvel Cinematic Universe Female Heroes:

Want more? Here are some talented and funny people in the holiday nerd spirit:

Science Christmas Carols:

This is an oddly poignant mash-up of “Have Yourself Aa Merry Little Christmas” with the Avengers: Endgame Trailer.

This is actually a very sweet nerdy original song:

A Villain Pub Christmas sing-a-long from How It Should Have Ended, one of the best parts of the internet.

Next year I really need to write one for Wolverine, hmm…”Wolfy, Baby?”

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