Soccer School

Welcome to Soccer School: Where Soccer Rules the World.


Soccer School
Since I grew up in a soccer family, I didn’t think there was anything that writers Alex Bellos, Ben Lyttleton or illustrator Spike Gerrell could show and tell me I didn’t already know about the sport.

Heck. I performed in the World Cup opening Ceremonies in 1994! ::toots my own horn::

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Oh, boy was I wrong.

Soccer School Season 1 taught me more than I bargained when the topic was “poo” and the “Toilet Timings.”

Then I realized how much this knowledge could be applied to other things other than just football but also to things like working out. You don’t want to eat the wrong stuff before doing any kind of exercise because of what it would do to your internal systems while you are doing all that running around. This “poo” learning started to make sense.

As I went deeper into the books, I saw that the authors combined true stories, science, and real facts with a few good laughs to educate their audience about life and the amazing world we live in.

Authors Alex Bellos and Ben Lyttleton

The illustrations are as fun to look at as the facts are to read. It definitely doesn’t look or read like a boring textbook or fact book by any means. It really is fun to go from one page to the next.

The books are geared towards kids, but as an adult, I can honestly say I was entertained enough to keep on reading myself. It’s a nice break from the serious reading of adulthood for some good genuine laughs.

For more Football School, check out Soccer School Season 1 out now by Candlewick Books.

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