Review – Injustice 2 #33: Victory and Sacrifice

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Injustice 2 cover, credit to DC Comics.

Injustice 2 – Tom Taylor, Writer; Xermanico, Artist; J. Nanjan, Colorist

Ray – 9/10

Ray: Tom Taylor is getting ready to wrap up his multi-year run on Injustice: Gods Among Us and its related books, and in the process he’s delivered all-timer runs for some of DC’s best characters including Harley Quinn, Blue Beetle and Booster Gold, and the Teen Titans. This issue wraps up the showdown with Starro and the Red Lanterns, and writes the final act for several major players in the title. Last issue saw Brainiac arrive in the middle of the battle, with Superboy and Wonder Girl being captured. Brainiac, a major player who has just arrived on the scene, proceeds to torture the half-Kryptonian Superboy and leave Wonder Girl to die, but Superboy is able to break free and rescue her. They’re facing death together – when they get a surprise visit from the Legion of Super-Heroes and Booster Gold. It seems the teens are needed in the future, but Booster has one more mission here. Meanwhile, as the defeated Red Lanterns flee, Hal is left facing an uncertain future and the issue doesn’t really answer our questions if he’ll find redemption. He was much further gone than Flash ever was.

Enter Brainiac. Credit to DC Comics.

What everyone will be talking about, though, is the finale of the issue, which centers on the bond between Booster Gold and Jaime Reyes. With the Red Lantern Starro headed for Earth, Jaime know the Scarab is the only thing that can stop it. However, the last time the Scarab defeated Starro, it cost the user everything – and the Scarab doesn’t want to lose Jaime. Jaime is determined to make the sacrifice to save Earth, and charges ahead without telling anyone. Booster chases him, and after a series of unexpected moves, sends Skeets to get Jaime to safety and takes his place at the end. But he’s not alone, as another Blue Beetle shows up for one last visit. The following scene is one of the most powerful moments of the entire series – and it’s also going to set shipper hearts ablaze. I’m not sure if it’s intentional – Taylor has definitely done some favors for shippers of the Harley/Ivy pair – but if it’s not, it’s still some of the best-written material for these two in years. A video game tie-in is beating almost every other comic in emotional punch here, and it’s something that must be read before it’s gone.

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