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The Great Big Beautiful Podcast, Episode 193: Jason Fry

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This week, we’re geeking out about Star Wars again. Big surprise, right? Joining us is Jason Fry, who’s certainly no stranger to the franchise. His in-universe bibliography is lengthy, having written everything from fiction to “nonfiction” to visual guides to RPG supplements and covering nearly every corner of the Star Wars galaxy. His most recent foray to the galaxy far, far away is the novelization of The Last Jedi.

But Fry is more than just Star Wars. He’s currently working on a series of super fun middle-grade novels, The Jupiter Pirates, that you should definitely check out. And he comes from a deep background in journalism. He spent almost 13 years at the Wall Street Journal and still routinely writes for not-particularly-nerdy beats, such as baseball. (He’s a Mets fan, but we won’t hold that against him.)

On this episode, we talk about crossing the streams of being a fan versus a professional writer, how writing a film novelization differs from other fiction, dealing with fans online, working with Rian Johnson and adding new scenes to the book, and how The Jupiter Pirates grew out of his love for Star Wars.


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