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Gunnar Madsen’s New “Food Too Fast” Video

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Food Too Fast

Gunnar Madsen insists he doesn’t have a problem with fast food. “We all know the phrase is meant to connote the speed of delivery. But what if the food itself were fast?” he explains. “In the hunter-gatherer days, you had to chase it before you could eat it.”  That thought, combined with vivid memories of the film Super Size Me, inspired the song “Food Too Fast” on his recent CD I Am Your Food.

For the video, Madsen pictured a roasted chicken riding a skateboard with him running after it. “I rigged up a mount for my iPhone to my bicycle to get footage from a roasted-chicken-on-a-skateboard-eye’s view,” he disclosed. When the bicycle proved too bumpy, he rigged a mount to the back of his wife’s van and drove around town during the day and at night. Success!

The next step was finding a motorized skateboard to film his roasted chicken traveling all over town. “Fake roasted chickens are expensive!” Madsen laughed. Doll-sized chickens proved more affordable, and a trek to eBay pulled back the veil on other doll-sized things, such as cars. “That led me to Barbie and Ken, and in turn to Barbie and various guys, which led me to Elvis and Barbie,” he continued. “That girl gets around.”

Elvis ‘n’ Barbie combos were very affordable. “And a dinged-up Barbie Ferrari with a missing windshield—perfect for my purposes—cost mere chump change,” Madsen said. Barbie never made it out of her cardboard box, but as the video shoot evolved, Elvis began to take center stage. “The animation program I use (Moho Pro) recently came up with a cool way to animate faces from still photos,” he added. “So I took a close-up of Elvis’ face and began goofing around. Viola! Doll Elvis became the star of the video, leaving me to hanker after the roasted chicken I never cooked.”

Here is the end result, Gunnar Madsen’s new video, “Food Too Fast,” from the album I Am Your Food.

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