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As any fan of the great Carl Sagan knows, the universe consists of over 100 billion galaxies containing possibly billions of trillions of stars. This week’s Astronomy course from our sponsor Brilliant doesn’t seek to teach you everything about all of them, of course, but it will help put our numerous celestial brethren in perspective using the lens of science.

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Explore what we know (and what we don’t) about the vast expanse around us with more than 350 guided problems and 30 quizzes. You’ll start first with observations about our own humble Earth. It is, like us, made of star-stuff, after all, and thus is perfect for reminding us of the principles widely used in astronomy and astrophysics.

After “unpacking the cosmos” by exploring matter, gravity, atomic spectra, and EM radiation, you’ll move on to deeper explorations of orbits, the powerful equation of state, Planck’s constant, and Stefan’s law. And that’s still just the first course.

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With tons of helpful animation and straightforward instruction, you’ll learn to calculate how much energy is carried by a typical photon and begin to understand how temperature correlates to the energy of molecules. All of this adds to your growing physics toolbox, broadening your understanding of the universe around us and, perhaps just as importantly, providing valuable skills that can be used to ward off any flat-Earthers in your midst.

Best of all, you can begin this otherworldly journey for free at So head over there now to discover a universe of wonder!

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