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Brilliant Teaches Special Relativity

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Most of us can state Einstein’s theory of relativity, but what does it mean and how does it continue to contribute to our understanding of our very universe? In Brilliant’s Special Relativity course, you’ll explore this through 16 quizzes, more than 250 guided problems, and lots of bonus puns.

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In this advanced science course, mass and energy—not to mention their intrinsic relationship—are at the forefront. Like Einstein himself, you’ll examine thought experiments concerning the union of space and time, spacetime.

These will take you from hunting on the high seas to the far-flung future for a round of (wholly theoretical) laser tag as Brilliant breaks down these big, weighty concepts into fun, bite-sized chunks. Heck, you may even throw a clock or two!

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From understanding how frames of reference influence measurement and the Galilean transformation to the propagation of light and the spacetime diagram, Special Relativity helps you build your own scientific framework for interpreting physical theories concerning high speeds and energies—again, just like Einstein.

You can begin this exciting journey into the realm of non-Newtonian thinking right now at So don’t let this amazing offer get lost in the luminiferous aether!

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