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7 Sensational New Kickstarter Projects This Week

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new kickstarter projectsFrom a holographic display to a solar-powered solar oven, these new Kickstarter projects are amazing!

The Looking Glass: A Holographic Display for 3D Creators
This little piece of the future is great fun to play with. Watch the vid!

Oddball – The drum machine crammed in a ball
Bounce it (or play tennis with it) to make a beat.

The Standard 4×5 – Build Your Own Large Format Camera
Using 3D printing to get a new analog camera into the world.

KUMO – A Compact Mechanical Keyboard
An adorable model for keyboard fetishists.

The Travel Line: Versatile Travel Backpack + Packing Tools
Peak Design: “This is our 8th Kickstarter and these are our best products yet.”

GoSun Fusion: One Incredible Solar + Electric Oven ☀+=?
This solar oven works at night, thanks to a (solar-rechargeable) battery.

Realistic Moving Jellyfish Lamp – Motion Lights
A moment of aquatic zen.

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