Incredibles 2: Official Guide. 

Word Wednesday: ‘Incredibles 2: The Official Guide’

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 Incredibles 2: Official Guide. This week’s word is “Incredible.”

Keeping timings straight in this interconnected world can be tricky. As a U.K. based writer for a U.S. blog, I’m used to stuff being available over there that isn’t over here. Very occasionally it’s the other way around. (I can only apologize for sending you Piers Morgan.)

Right now, on this side of the pond, we have to wait an extra month before the release of Incredibles 2. I guess this scheduling is something to do with timings of school vacations, but having to wait another month before watching one of the most hotly anticipated sequels of all time is hard to bear. Actually, it’s not really; we’ve waited 14 years, so what’s another 4 weeks?

Nevertheless, this month discrepancy did catch me out. I’d read GeekMom’s excellent 10 Things Parents Should Know About Incredibles 2, but hadn’t realized at that point that its release was imminent in other parts of the world. Reacting to the news this morning (Monday) that Incredibles 2 opened in the US, with huge takings at the box office, I have done a quick switcheroo of my Word Wednesday schedule, and present to you DK’s Incredibles 2: The Official Guide. 

What is Incredibles 2: The Official Guide?

If you read my LEGO Ninjago Movie book post last year—well, I reviewed the equivalent title back then. What we have here is a slender (but still clocking in at 94 pages) hardback book, very much aimed child fans of the films. “What’s your superpower?” the sticker on the front of the book asks, “Find out inside!” Older readers may not feel the need to do this. Mine, for example, is picking dirty socks up off the floor.

The book opens with a breakdown of all the various Incredibles, and their powers, starting with Elastigirl. It talks about Mr. Incredible’s role as a stay-at-home dad. As a stay-at-home dad, I’m intrigued to see how this is handled in the film. (I guess many of you U.S. SaHDs already know!) I hope the movie doesn’t fall too far into the usual “useless dad” stereotype.

Are there any spoilers?

Well, it probably depends on your definition of “spoiler.” Yes, the book contains information about the film. No, it doesn’t give away too much of the film’s main storyline. It does, however, give away some set-piece details and some descriptions of characters in the film that did not appear in the original. As an adult, you might not want to study the book too closely; youngsters, whose inference skills are not so honed, probably won’t mind so much. To be absolutely safe, I’d recommend getting the book after you’ve enjoyed the film together.

The answer to the referenced-on-the-cover “What’s your superpower?” question is determined by a short yes/no flow chart. Mine is “creating portals,” which might explain why I have so many odd socks.

Why read Incredibles 2: The Official Guide?

If your child enjoyed the film, they’ll love the book too. That said, this is not a book that’s going to wow its readers. It’s a solid film tie-in but nothing more than that. Incredibles 2: The Official Guide is not going to win a Pulitzer, nor a Carnegie medal, for that matter. It’s a just a great, picture-filled breakdown of things to love about the film. At $10 (£8), the book is reasonably priced, though it’s the sort of book you can often pick up cheap somewhere, so do shop around.

If you have an Incredibles fan in the house and want something to tide them between seeing the film at the cinema and its arrival on DVD, then this book should see you right. Don’t forget DK makes an Ultimate Sticker Book too!

You can pick up Incredibles 2: The Official Guide here in the US, and here in the UK.

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Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for review. 

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