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Review – Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #46: Guy Gardner, Executioner

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Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #46 cover
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Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #46 – Robert Venditti, Writer; Clayton Henry, Artist; Pete Pantazis, Colorist


Ray – 8/10

Corrina: Hal’s Responsible?


Ray: The final arc of Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps has brought in elements from the entire run of the series, as the advent of the Darkstars has left the Green Lanterns fleeing to any corner of the universe where they might find an ally – including among former enemies. The last issue saw Guy Gardner confront his former friend Tomar-Tu, and eventually give in to his anger and become a Darkstar himself. That Guy Gardner, he can’t seem to resist taking whatever shiny new power is opposing the Green Lanterns, can he? This seems to be even worse of a choice than the Red Lantern ring, as the Darkstar programming has overwritten his mind. He arrives on earth, looking to settle an old score – getting revenge on his abusive – but now sober and repentant – father. Meanwhile, Hal Jordan is trying to wrangle Hector Hammond. Hammond does seem reformed for the time being, but he’s still disturbed – his idea of trying to help involves fantasizing about killing all of Hal’s enemies.

Having the most success is John Stewart, who’s successfully managed to broker peace with General Zod. Zod has knowledge of the source of the Darkstars’ powers and a deep personal grudge against Tomar-Tu, so he’s a reluctant ally. It seems that the Darkstars’ origin may tie into the conclusion of Metal, as Hal’s suit of armor from the finale has similar properties. I like how Metal is being subtly worked into a lot of books, not quite as a direct tie-in but as an accent. The least engaging story was Kyle’s attempt to get help from the New Gods – why even do another New Gods story while King and Gerads are mid-story? – but I did enjoy Space Cabbie’s role. Still, Guy’s plot remains the most engaging of the four. You can see his humanity striving against the Darkstars’ programming, but no person seems to have the strength to resist. The arrival of an old frenemy of Guy’s to break him free – by force if need be – is a great hook for next issue as this series heads towards the finish line.

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #46
Guy’s dad: does he deserve death? Image via DC Comics

Corrina: Poor Kyle has been sent off to useless land, hasn’t he? And here I thought this story arc might somehow fix the mess that Soranik and Kyle. Still, I suspect Orion will help, at some point.

Meanwhile, however, John has been doing something smart in demanding help from Zod but not from Zod’s army or his physical power but from Zod’s Kryptonian technology that may give the Corps the edge in the fight. I loved, loved the panel that showed John created the components need to make said tech. What a smart use of John.

I’m not so thrilled with Hal and Guy’s roles. If we are to believe what’s on the page in this issue (and they may/may not be true), Hal is the one who created the Darkstars with his longing for execution as an option. D’oh, Hal! And, it seems breaking a villain with mind control abilities out of prison to help combat the Darkstars may also have been a terrible idea that will lead to more deaths. Double d’oh, Hal! (I will add both to my “this is why I hate Hal Jordan” notebook.) Perhaps Hector doesn’t mean what Hal thinks he means. We’ll see.

Guy, however, who showed the force of his will over the years, even when tortured, sure gave into the Darkstar programming fast. That he would have carried out his father’s execution if not stopped is a low moment for Guy and it’s hard to view him in a positive light from this point. (But this weak moment probably won’t be explored, given this arc is the end of Venditti’s run.) But executioner is not a good look on Guy. Yes, even worse than his Warrior costume.

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