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This post was sponsored by KTBYTE.

This past week, my son, Brandon, and I were given the chance to take a free trial class by KTBYTE as part of a sponsored post opportunity. The free trial class promised to give him some experience in coding, an area that my son is very passionate about, and a personalized evaluation of his Computer Science proficiency.

Getting to Class

Accessing the class was effortless and efficient; it took place in KTBYTE’s virtual machine, a remote desktop that allows students to connect from anywhere, coupled with a teleconference call, allowing us to see and hear Brandon’s instructor. We had the option to plug in a webcam, but my son was too excited to start coding to take the time.

We had the option to plug in a webcam, but my son was too excited to start coding to take the time.

The KTBYTE Instructor

KTBYTE Chi Bong Instructor Image: KTBYTE
KTBYTE Chi Bong Instructor Image: KTBYTE

First off, I would like to compliment the instructor, Chi Bong, for being so patient and friendly with my son. He was amazing, and I could tell he was experienced and good with kids. Chi Bong majored in Computer Science at Cornell University and is a full-time, senior instructor with KTBYTE.

When Brandon wanted to experiment with different ideas, Chi Bong was open to it. Chi Bong asked Brandon questions and did not rush him or become frustrated when Brandon lost focus. Best of all, it did not feel like he was reading from a script.

KTBYTE’s Class Layout

Chi Bong started with some more mundane but necessary learning skills and eventually delved into more interesting topics that captivated my son. He briefly talked about the virtual machine and got to know Brandon and his skill level.

They started by coding numbers to print on-screen and went as complex as assigning numbers to variables and letting the computer do the work. By the end of the trial, they had animated a ball. Brandon even picked up on a lag that should not have occurred with his code. He was engaged during the entire lesson.

As a parent, I enjoyed seeing that they were doing real coding and not dragging and dropping boxes. I believe that, for a student at Brandon’s level, it is more beneficial to learn how to type your code rather than using a graphical interface that does it for you.

KTBYTE Class Specs

A live class at KTBYTE's headquarters. Image: KTBYTE
A live class at KTBYTE’s headquarters. Image: KTBYTE
  • KTBYTE offers classes for students aged eight to 18 years in-person in Lexington, Massachusetts and online for students around the world.
  • Courses cover a variety of interests, like game design and robotics.
  • Their small class sizes (a teacher to student ratio of 1:8) allow students to receive one-on-one attention.
  • KTBYTE’s classes use project-based learning, giving students real-world experience.
  • Online office hours are available every night at no cost for students to ask questions and receive feedback. In addition, students have access to lectures, textbooks, and class recordings to assist them in their learning.
  • For parents, KTBYTE provides a report that tracks their student’s progress in the class.
  • Past students have excelled in computer science: 15 students have been accepted into the prestigious MIT Primes program and more than 100 have placed in the renowned USA Computing Olympiad.


One on one help is the best. Image: KTBYTE
One on one help is the best. Image: KTBYTE

At the end of the class, Chi Bong recommended Brandon sign up for Intro to Computer Science (an intermediate skill class) based on his prior experience and performance in the trial. He also walked us through some projects that past students created, which added to my son’s excitement.

We enjoyed seeing student-created games like Circumvent and Doodle Jump; it showed us what KTBYTE’s students did on a daily basis and helped us decide if these courses were for us.

When the class was done, I asked my son if he would like to sign up for the course and he gave me the signature pre-teen “duh” look. As a parent in the IT world, I was impressed with the quality of what my son was learning. I was equally impressed with how well the instructor handled my son.

To sign up for your free trial or for more information about KTBYTE’s courses, visit their website.

This was a sponsored post by KTBYTE.

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