New Intellivision Console Q&A

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New Intellivision Console Q&A
Image courtesy of the Intellivision Entertainment Facebook page

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Yesterday, Tommy Tallarico from Intellivision Entertainment hosted a Facebook LIVE Q&A session to talk a little bit about the upcoming brand new Intellivision gaming console. Exact details of the system will not be officially announced until October 1, 2018, but Tommy wanted to clear up some misconceptions about what this new console is going to be and what it is not going to be. Here are just a few details I picked up from watching the video:

  • Come packaged with as many as 60-80 retro Intellivision games
  • Not meant to be a completely retro unit, it is about moving forward… a brand new system!
  • Will have leaderboards
  • There will be a game store where you can purchase and download new games
  • Console will also be released with at least 7 updated/new games (included with the console)
  • Focus of this console is creating fun, simple, amazing games that everyone can enjoy with simple controls
  • Not meant to compete with systems like the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch
  • The first 100,000 people who subscribe at will get the exclusive opportunity to purchase a special and unique Limited Edition version of the console which will not be made available in stores.

The Intellivision was my very first gaming system as a kid, so I am a huge fan. I am really looking forward to not only a bit of nostalgia but also a gaming system that could bring back the simple age of gaming into the modern world.

Check out the entire Q&A session here on Facebook.

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