My 30-Day Build Challenge: LEGO Architecture Studio

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Tales of an Uncreative LEGO Fan

I am woefully uncreative when it comes to building things out of LEGO. I adore following the directions that come in the kits, seeing my houses and buildings come into being, layer by layer. When I was a kid, in the pre-kit LEGO days (seriously, there were no kits—it was both glorious and confounding for me), I put together rectangular houses and various geometric patterns. And a thing I called a camera, that didn’t look anything like a camera. That was about it. It’s a good thing our set came with roof tiles, windows, doors, fences, gates, and trees, let me tell you.

In the years since kits emerged, I’ve mostly stuck with the LEGO Creator (3-in-1 and Expert) and Architecture series. I love buildings and houses, and the Creator series allows me to disassemble and reassemble my pieces, but in different ways. It’s like having three (or more) kits in one. But sometimes I like to challenge myself to be more creative, building things without following a plan, forcing myself to be okay with asymmetry and imperfection. It helps keep me flexible. Which brings me to…

The 30-Day Challenge

I’ve embarked on a 30-Day LEGO Build Challenge using the LEGO Achitecture Studio set that I reviewed a few years back, since buildings and houses are my favorites, as I’ve said. I plan to build some structures that I’ve seen pictures for, be inspired by the contents of the long book included with the set, and make up a whole lot of odd designs. Rory’s specific challenge for me to look at builds that have no written instructions and recreate them is helping drive this challenge. And getting permission from one’s spouse to spend time playing with LEGO? Yeah, I’ll take it.

You can follow along with my daily builds later this week at, but I’ll be back here in a month for a wrap-up post and a link to the whole build series. Here’s my build for Day 1!

Day 1

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For Day 1’s build, I went back to my roots of building rectangular houses. But this one has an interesting feature: an internal courtyard. This reflects my dream of having a home with an internal courtyard where I could have trees, plants, sun, and shade, and be able to let my cats outside without fear of coyotes.

More Builds

There will be plenty more builds to come (29 to be exact), though most of them probably won’t be this large. Expect minimalist designs, Frank Lloyd Wright-esque homes, skyscrapers, modern houses, and perhaps even my best efforts to recreate famous landmarks. We’ll see what strikes my fancy along the way.

The LEGO Architecture Studio mostly comes with more modern building pieces, so I’ll be challenged to build anything more vintage. But if LEGO came up with a vintage architecture set, I would be all… over… it… <hint, hint>

Though the LEGO Architecture Studio seems to be a retired product now (sad panda), used kids are still available much of the time on Amazon. And, if you can’t get your hands on a set, you could always create your own architecture studio with the Pick-a-Brick pieces combined with open-ended LEGO sets and other LEGO Architecture sets.

What will you build out of LEGO today?

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