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Review – Scooby Apocalypse #24: Slow March To Doom

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Scooby Apocalypse #24 variant cover
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Scooby Apocalypse #24 – Keith Giffen, JM DeMatteis, Writers; Pat Oliffe, Penciller; Tom Nyguen, Andy Owens, Inkers; Kelsey Shannon, Backup Artist; Hi-Fi, Colorist


Ray – 4/10

Scooby Apocalypse #24 is basically a slow march to doom, which is a lot less effective because previews already spoiled what’s coming next in this title. Scooby Apocalypse #25 (can you believe it’s been two years already?) will feature the death of one of the original Scooby Doo crew, Fred Jones. The team’s leader (although he’s been more of the leader’s sidekick in this version) has been a part of every incarnation of the show, so this Walking Dead-esque twist will definitely shake up the book’s dynamic. It’s already added new characters like Daisy and Cliffy, but the core five have always been intact. And a twist like this would have a lot of impact if A) we hadn’t been coached to expect it, and B) the characters were dynamic enough to really make us care about them.

As it is, it feels like we’re recycling the same character dynamics that we’ve been seeing since the very first issue.

This issue mainly seems to center around the team discussing their next move regarding their base in the mall. Some want to take on the monsters, some want to wait them out. In the background is the relationship between Fred and Daphne, which, while portrayed as a lovesick guy who has carried a torch for his boss for years, actually comes off kind of creepy. Ten marriage proposals, each one rejected? That’s a classic example of writers not exactly getting the context of their story. Daphne finally accepts his proposal right before they go into the den of the beasts this issue, which is just going to twist the knife when Fred dies next issue, but their relationship never felt genuine enough to make it matter. This series has always tried to be a take-off on Walking Dead, and on one note it succeeded – it’s just as grim, and I’m just as worn out. The Secret Squirrel backup, as usual, made me laugh more than the main story did. It at least embraces its roots.

Scooby Apocalypse #24 page 1
Prelude to Disaster indeed. Image via DC Comics

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