7 Sensational New Kickstarter Projects This Week

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Kickstarter Featured 042018

ELIA—the world’s most intuitive tactile reading system

Braille technology is from the 1880s. Maybe it’s time for something new.


Neova | A Unique Connected Ring For Musicians

Control musical effects with natural hand gestures. Watch the vid!


Gnarbox 2.0 SSD – Rugged backup device for your camera

For serious video/photo people who want to start editing on the go.


Bucky | An EdTech robot to narrow technology-access gaps

From Mexico, an IoT toy with its own visual programming language.


NATEDE: the Most Amazing Smart Natural Air Purifier

“Phytoremediation” = using plants to clean up the air.


Idolcam: The Pocketable 4k Gimbal Camera

Ideas borrowed from drones, DSLRs, and fashion photography in one camera.


Cancel / OK – Sticky Notes

Handwritten Pop-Up-Notifications everywhere!

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