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Review – Suicide Squad #38–No More Wall

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Suicide Squad #38 variant cover
Image via DC Comics

Suicide Squad #38 – Rob Williams, Writer; Tom Derenick, Artist; Ulises Arreola, Colorist


Ray – 5/10


The story of The Wall comes to a head in Suicide Squad #38, as the Suicide Squad falls apart in the aftermath of Hack’s attack on Belle Reve. This issue shows that the title can take advantage of its unpredictable nature once in a while, and the foundations of a good issue are there – only to be completely undone by a nasty last-act plot twist that continues to destroy the legacy of a well-liked character. The issue opens with a flashback to Rick Flag training The Wall, as the cocky young flyboy takes full advantage of his new super-suit and puts on a show for the brass and those watching in DC. He then carries out his first military mission, despite Flag having some issues with the way he carries it out. Then, we cut to the present day, as The Wall has taken out Hack and the Suicide Squad, and now the inmates are being transported to other prisons. The Suicide Squad seems to be defunct for now.

Some of the inmates are taking it better than others. Captain Boomerang hits on Waller on his way out the door, while Enchantress and Croc nearly break down at the idea of being separated. But before the transfer can be completed, things go from bad to worse, as The Wall goes rogue.

You mean a Robocop-like project didn’t work out? I. Am. Shocked. He shoots down the planes chasing him, breaks all contact with his handler, and descends on Washington D.C. – and proceeds to take over the minds of everyone in the immediate vicinity. It’s not explicitly stated, but it seems very clear that he didn’t actually destroy Hack – she slipped her digital imprint into his mind. Now she’s threatening to shut down the brains of millions of people in the DC area unless the Suicide Squad is brought to her. I genuinely sympathized with her in the last act, as she had been done wrong, but this arc seems determined to turn her into a psychotic would-be mass murderer. I couldn’t be less interested in that.

Suicide Squad #38 page 2
America’s new protector, the Wall. (No, the one whose first name is Amanda). Image via DC Comics

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