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Keep Tabs on Your Family’s Best Friend With Guardian Orb Pet Tracker

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guardian orb pet tracker

This post was sponsored by Guardian.
Check out this Indiegogo campaign for Guardian Orb, the only pet tracker solution that includes a mobile base station, a tracking radius up to 10 miles, and no monthly fees.

We love our pooches and they love us, but even the best-behaved of our canine companions will go wandering to check out some amazing sniff or sound. In such cases, it’s an amazing piece of mind to be able to keep tabs on them when they’re not in sight.

There are a number of wireless trackers available on the market, some of them even specifically geared towards pets. However, they often only work around your home where a base station is set up, and because of the nature of their business models, you have to subscribe to an ongoing service, which gets expensive over time.

Enter the Guardian Orb, a project currently seeking funding on Indiegogo (where they’ve already exceeded their minimum goal by 300%). The Orb will let you track your pooch’s location in a radius up to 10 miles, gives you both a home, and a portable base station, and asks for no monthly fees

Guardian Orb was invented by Dr. Danny Rittman a semiconductor designer hailing from IBM, Qualcomm, and Intel. The Guardian Orb is the first commercial manifestation of a brand new technology that uses enhanced radio frequency (RF) technology to enable the transfer of voice, text, and even video, creating a communications network without the requirement of legacy phone infrastructure, cellular towers, or wi-fi. Taking advantage of this RF technology, people in remote areas will be able to reveal their location and communicate without requiring them to pay data fees or be tied to a subscription from a mobile carrier – so they can help so many people (not just pets and pet owners!).

The Guardian system has three primary components:

Guardian Orb: Attach Guardian Orb to your pet’s collar and pair it with either our Guardian Go or Guardian Home.

Guardian Home: Connect Guardian Home to your internet router and track your pet up to ten miles. Pairs with your smartphone, tablet or desktop via wifi or cellular network. Combining Radio Signal, Cellular GSM (tech available with free second upgrade), and GPS tracking technologies, Guardian Home offers three tracking fail-safes so you can always find your best friend.

Guardian Go: Our portable Base Station fits right in your pocket and pairs with your mobile device via Bluetooth in seconds! Offering peace of mind for the adventuring human and pup team. The Guardian Go tracking radius moves along with you – it tracks up to ten miles and has a 16-hour battery life. Just like Guardian Home, Guardian Go combines Radio Signal, Cellular GSM and GPS tracking.

Guardian Orb is the first pet tracking device that offers advanced geo-location technology. It’s the most accurate, reliable and cost-effective GPS tracking solution ever created – and it’s the smallest too! Keep track of your pets in real-time, on ANY smartphone, tablet or desktop. Now, you can find a lost or stolen pet in seconds, or simply just check in at home when you can’t be there.

The Guardian Orb is designed specifically for pets in mind, so it delivers much more functionality than other trackers.

Guardian Orb

I especially like the fact that they’ve had an independent engineering company review their design and certify that it’s viable and ready for manufacturing, so if you’re going to join the campaign, you can rest assured that the project is going to come to market.

If you’ve been looking for the piece of mind that knowing where your furry family member is at all times, then Guardian Orb may be the perfect solution. Check out their Indiegogo campaign today, and get in on the savings that being an early customer brings!

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