‘Harry Potter: Miniatures Adventure Game’: UPDATE

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As we reported last month, Knight Models are almost ready to launch its Harry Potter: Miniatures Adventure Game. Curiously, despite their first announcement, the game is not going to be released through Kickstarter, but as a preorder through their website.

The full range of miniatures and pricing options is available here, but here are a few of the highlights.

  • It’s a board game. The core set will feature 3 double-sided boards, with more promised for the future.
  • The game will pit two forces against one other.
  • There will be a points system for choosing your wizard groups, using “galleons.”
  • The core set will feature Harry, Ron, and Hermione and will pit them against Death Eaters.
  • Everything you need to play the basic game will be in the core set.
  • The game will be driven by character and spell cards. For an overview of the mechanics, click here.
  • Harry Potter: Miniatures Adventure Game will be priced at €80 ($100) preorder price – rising to €100 ($125).
  • Additional sets will be available such as:
    • Dumbledore’s Army €24 ($30)
    • Slytherin Students €24 ($30)
    • The Order of the Phoenix €30 ($37)
    • Hagrid €20 ($25)
  • There will be some free exclusive-to-preorder characters – Dobby!
  • There will be some preorder exclusives available to buy, including a very impressive Voldemort model.
  • There will be some preorder exclusive bundles with free exclusive minis.
  • To go “all in” will cost €300 ($370).

There are a great many amazing miniatures to be had, and the gameplay around spells looks to be innovative too. The Harry Potter: Miniatures Adventure Game is likely to be a gateway game for many Potter fans, bringing many beloved characters to life. GeekDad will aim to keep you posted on all the developments, and once we finally get our hands on a copy of this gorgeous looking game, hopefully we can bring you reviews and playthroughs too!

I love this Voldemort model
Harry Potter Miniatures Preview
And these are pretty great too!
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