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Girls That Make, Image: Girls That Make
Logo, Image: Girls That Make
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Girls That Make is a new subscription service from the team behind Creation Crate that will send you a monthly kit to make your very own piece of wearable tech. The first orders will ship in April.

Sewing Sample, Image: Girls That Make
Sewing Sample, Image: Girls That Make

This new subscription box service is designed to encourage young girls to get involved with STEM fields and computer science. According to the information on the website, 74% of girls express an interest in STEM areas at a young age but, as of last year, only 25% of computing jobs were occupied by women. That’s compared with 36% back in 1991. Part of the reason for this is because girls do not see role models in those fields or receive guidance to take their initial interest in STEM and maintain and grow it. That’s a problem that Girls That Make hopes to help fix.

What’s In The Box? Image: Girls That Make

The monthly project kits let girls get hands-on with STEM by creating items such as hats, bracelets, bags, and more. Some of the examples shown so far include a sparkly light-up bracelet, a rainbow cloud (perfect for your Welcome to Night Vale cosplays), and a singing cat hat (I need it). The kits are designed to be used by complete beginners so no prior knowledge is required in order to use them. By completing the projects, you’ll learn about things like circuits, programming, and electronics.

Girls That Make Projects, Image: Girls That Make
Girls That Make Projects, Image: Girls That Make

You can order Girls That Make kits now with the first kit shipping next month in April 2018. A single project box will set you back $39.99 plus shipping but, as usual with these services, prepaid subscriptions work out cheaper per month. A three-month subscription works out at $35.99/month plus shipping, a six-month subscription at $33.99/month plus shipping, while a 12-month prepaid subscription works out the cheapest at $29.99 a month plus shipping.

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