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8 Excellent New Kickstarter Projects This Week

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New Kickstarter FeaturedThe Herons’ Tree by Les Machines de l’île 

Legendary French tinkerers build their most ambitious contraption yet. 


AquaJet H2: An Aerodynamic Sea Scooter For Everyone

Like hitching a ride on a cooperative sea turtle.


Gigabot X: Large-Scale Pellet Extrusion 3D Printer 

The latest from re:3D prints using pellets of recycled plastic.


The Universe Sphere – The Milky Way in a Sphere 

So you can see exactly where the hyperspace bypass will go.


LeviZen – Levitate water & feel zero gravity 

Sound waves keep a drop of water suspended in air. Just for fun.


Raspad: Raspberry Pi Tablet For Your Creative Projects 

This hackable tablet is quite a hit. See also MakePad.


D. | The first reusable tampon applicator. 

An effort to eliminate millions of pieces of plastic waste.


Trash cleaning robot controlled by you. 

Crowdsourced and gamified litter collection on the Chicago River.

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