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Review – Wonder Woman #40: Is Jason Dead Yet?

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Wonder Woman #40 variant cover
Gorgeous variant cover. Image via DC Comics

Wonder Woman #40 – James Robinson, Writer; Carmen Carnero, Artist; Emanuela Lupacchino, Penciller; Ray McCarthy, Inker; Romulo Fajardo Jr., Hi-Fi, Colorists


Ray – 3/10

Corrina: I Hate Jason More Than Evil Clone Superboy From the Future


Ray: As the awful Silver Swan arc wraps up, Wonder Woman #40 once again emphasizes just how wrong everything about this run has been. There’s two characters at play in this issue – Jason, who has essentially been selfish and ignorant at every turn but is now trying to be a hero; and Vanessa, whose vicious and brutal heel turn has not been particularly well-explained and may very well have been transformed into a monster against her will. Yet somehow, the issue seems to expect our sympathy to largely lie with Jason. The last issue saw him getting his throat cut and plunging to his apparent death, but after Diana has the chance to express concern over a brother she barely knows and who tried to kill her, he turns out to be fine thanks to enhanced healing. Aside from a brief Steve Trevor segment where he and his brothers-in-arms battle the Female Furies, the issue is entirely dominated by this plot.

After a visit to Vanessa’s former hospital, where it turns out she brutally massacred everyone, the Olympian duo tracks her down, where Jason is largely useless once again and is sent away while Diana takes on her former friend in the skies. It’s basically Diana trying to talk to Vanessa and assure her she can be helped, while Silver Swan screams that she’s not Vanessa. Once again, the art of Lupacchino and guest-artist Carmen Carnero is too good for this book, as the aerial battle segments are impressive. But ultimately, Vanessa is defeated and depowered, left in a coma, and before we can see Diana express any real emotion, we get a guest appearance by yet another surprise villain. Then there’s the final segment, where Jason writes Diana a goodbye letter as he plans to find his own way but gets nabbed by some sort of malevolent portal first. I wonder if he’ll die on the way back to his home planet. We probably won’t be so lucky.

Wonder Woman #40 page 2
Jason. Ugh. Image via DC Comics

Corrina: Once again, a Wonder Woman issue is about anyone but Wonder Woman.

Once again, it’s all about Jason and how he’s a failure and how he should realize his mistakes and we should feel bad for him because…um…I don’t know? Because he’s pretty? He’s had a relatively stable life and he’s this stupid and idiotic? But that wouldn’t be so bad if EVERY ISSUE WEREN’T ABOUT HIM.

This issue isn’t even about Silver Swan, who could be intriguing.

It’s about Jason and him feeling bad and angsting about his failures. The ending hints he might be dead but it also seems to indicate his death will make Diana sad. (Psst…Diana…you’re better off without him.)

This run keeps finding ways to become progressively more awful. It has now managed to be as bad as the run by Meredith and David Finch which saw the creation of a Donna Troy as a mindless killer.

Wait, it’s better than that run at least by one standard: the art. (Finch is a fine artist but he seemed to devolve when working on Wonder Woman.)

So can we get Lupacchino a new writer, please?

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