Review: Voltron 84 Brings Legendary Levels of Nostalgia

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Back in November, my son and I had a chance to review the Voltron: Legendary Defender Deluxe set. I was his age when Voltron came out, so it was fun seeing him react the same way to a beloved childhood toy. As such, you can imagine how happy I was to show him the Classic Legendary Voltron set!

Made with the same attention to detail as the Legendary Defender set, this new set of old lions is simply stunning. Now, there are some changes. Many features from the old toys aren’t there. For one thing, the originals had some metal bits. These are all plastic. I had the Blue and Yellow lions, and they had a few points of articulation that these don’t—the sides of the Yellow’s head opened and Blue also had some hidden play elements. Of course, those “ears” would break off and the hidden elements broke, so I’m not missing them.


The differences between Green and Red are a lot more subtle (Red is boxy to Greens curvy, but not as obvious), and the huge heads the original toys had are toned down. Thank goodness.

Outside those quibbles, the sculpts themselves are glorious. Yeah, you can get a $230+ replica set with minutely more attention to detail, but that’s no fun. Part of the glory here is being able to actually¬†play with these. Oh ,and play with them we did. We spent an entire Saturday combining and playing (after first removing the batteries from the Black lion to be compliant with the Sabbath). His favorite continues to be the Red lion (in any form). Personally, I love that the Black lion’s mouth can open without Voltron’s face showing.

“Hi, kids!”

It’s important to note that these are very much deluxe toys. As in, they not cheap. You’ll pay $29.99 for most of them, with the Black one going for over $50 most places. I’m not including my usual Amazon Affiliate links because honestly, they’re cheaper elsewhere. Go hunt!

Form blazing sword!

And hunt you should, if you’re a lover of classic cartoons and quality fun. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go fight a RoBeast.

Note: All five lions were provided by Playmates. My son and I now each have “our” Voltron. Go Voltron Force.

“Bye, kids!”
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