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Review – Trinity #18: The Battle for Skartaris

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Trinity #18 variant cover
Enter the Warlord. Image via DC Comics

Trinity #18 – James Robinson, Writer; Patrick Zircher, Artist; Gabe Eltaeb, Colorist


Ray – 8/10

Corrina: Epic Fantasy Adventure


Ray: James Robinson goes two-for-two in his guest comics this week, as his Trinity arc picks up steam and pulls in elements from one of my all-time favorite obscure DC comics. That would be Warlord, Mike Grell’s cult favorite swords-and-sorcery epic about Travis Morgan, the Air Force pilot who becomes a warrior king. When we last left off, the Trinity had found themselves in Skartaris – and what’s more, Diana’s been struck blind and Clark’s lost his powers due to the influence of magic. With Warlord and his sorceress daughter, Jennifer, guiding them to their capital city under siege, the trio of heroes is forced to undergo an epic journey to come to the rescue and find a way home. It’s worth noting that this is the second time Diana’s been blind in the comics, and both times she seems totally unperturbed by it – she’s still the best fighter, although Superman gets to channel his inner Batman as well.

There are two standout elements here. First up is the art by Patrick Zircher, as he really gets to show off by drawing one fantasy creature after another. This is an issue that really embraces the genre element – this isn’t some generic medieval kingdom, it’s got everything from Unicorns to Krakens popping in for a visit. Second, the banter between the trinity is top-notch. From their support for each other in the field of combat to the way they gently seem to troll each other once they’re being debriefed back home, this is one of the few arcs where I’ve felt like I actually understand their bond. The story is a bit rushed, with potential major developments just being dropped in the story suddenly, but overall it’s one of the most entertaining stories we’ve gotten so far in this title. Trinity is slated to end at the conclusion of this arc, one of many titles ending to make way for the Justice League revamp, but it’s ending on a high note.

Trinity #18 page 2
Get to the point, Travis, says Batman. Image via DC Comics

Corrina: If you’re going to do a Warlord story, you need art to match Grell’s superlative work on the original series. And Zircher does it in style, from the depiction of the landscape of Skartaris, to the battles, to the characters themselves. (I would totally sign on for a Zircher Warlord series.)

I’ve no idea why Robinson’s Wonder Woman is so terrible. Perhaps the presence of Jason sucks the lifeblood from that book, though it doesn’t explain the mess made of Silver Swan. Still, Robinson has a good handle on Wonder Woman in this story, making her regal and effective, even when blind. (Perhaps that’s the problem, Robinson’s Diana seems too remote, even in this? Must ponder.) But Superman and Batman are terrific and now we know where Damian received his love of animals, especially Bat-Cow, as we see Batman name his horse “Biscuits.” If I were Clark, I’d never let him forget that one. 🙂

Disclaimer: GeekDad received this comic for review purposes.

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