Nerf This: D.Va Razer MEKA Headset Brings ‘Overwatch’ Style to Your Noggin

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Exactly what you need to grab the gold. (Image: Razer)

Problem: You dominate Overwatch as D.Va, but know that, if you could channel your main even more, you’d crack the leaderboards wide open.

Solution: Grab the D.Va Razer MEKA Headset and let the (Dorito) spice flow through you.

Razer has given us a little bit of gaming gear magic here with their D.Va Razer MEKA Headset. They’ve taken part of the game, the headset that D.Va wears, and translated it perfectly to the real world.

Armed and ready. (Image: Anthony Karcz)

I Play to Win!

The first time I saw a render of it, I had to stop and double check that it wasn’t a cosplay prop, it was so perfect. But this headset is 100% functional with large neodymium drivers pumping sound through the leatherette cups (well, not really cups, that would ruin the effect—gotta give props to Razer for staying true to the game model). There’s also an omnidirectional mic tucked away in the volume/mute inline controls on the cord.

Yeah, sorry folks, this isn’t a wireless headset. But the 3.5mm jack is perfect for pairing with the communication module on the Razer Xbox Controller. Plug in, set your controller to your best D.Va color scheme, and go Nerf some newbs.

Just in case you forgot whose headset this is. (Image: Anthony Karcz)

Target Eliminated

Speaking of LEDs, there aren’t any on the headset. The green LED on the in-game model is replaced here by green deco. It still looks great, and I imagine it was ultimately a cost decision but, for a company that has made LED lighting a necessity in gaming peripherals, the omission is deeply ironic.

That single complaint aside, it’s hard for any Overwatch player to not fall in love with this headset. Or, if you’re in my house, it’s hard to keep them out of the hands (and off the head) of your ten-year-old daughter who declared that it looked stupid on my head, snatched it away and has sequestered the headset in her room ever since.

To be fair, it does look much better on her.

So perfect, I expected her to call down a MEKA (Image: Anthony Karcz)

So what does it take to get your very own Mechanical Exoskeleton Korean Arms headset, just like D.Va? You’ll need to head over to the official Razer site and pony up $79.99. Given the price range of their other headsets, it’s actually a pretty good deal.

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