‘Kidomi:’ Streaming Edutainment for Young Kids

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What Is Kidomi?

Kidomi is an all-inclusive mobile app that delivers streaming, digital content from some of the most prolific content creators in the business today, including Dr. Panda, Toca Boca, Crayola, Highlights for Kids, and Hasbro. Kidomi features an array of games, puzzles, digital coloring pages, and projects that are designed to be both entertaining and educational.

Fingerprint CEO Nancy MacIntyre spoke exclusively to GeekDad on the eve of Kidomi’s launch to talk about bringing together some of the biggest players in the edutainment mobile application industry.

“We’re lucky in that Fingerprint has been at this for seven years and has long-established relationships with the best content companies out there,” said MacIntyre. “There’s a trust and comfort level there.”

MacIntyre assures us that those brands and creators are not using Kidomi as a marketing tool. “There are no ads or in-app purchases in Kidomi and no concept of cross-selling within the app. All of the content is presented in a kid-friendly, logical UI that allows children as young as three years old to easily access activities they want to experience.”

Why Kidomi?

Kidomi‘s launch comes at a time of heightened awareness concerning inappropriate and disgusting content being disguised as children’s fare on popular services like YouTube Kids. MacIntyre says the team at Fingerprint has built Kidomi with parental controls and transparency regarding what their children are doing at the forefront.

“First, we give parents a window into what kids are playing by showing them exactly what activities, what skills, and how much time their kids are playing. They no longer have to ask, ‘What are you playing?’ because at a touch of a button they can see and learn what their child is passionate about.”

“The product also offers a filtering system so the parent can select what content and what themes they want their child to focus on and time limits to guide them,” MacIntyre said.

Who Is Kidomi‘s Target Audience?

Kidomi is mapped to Common Core Curriculum standards for children aged three to eight years old. “We have a dedicated team of kids experts from education and gaming that evaluate every app, QA it for content, play, and learning value, and map it,” said MacIntyre.

“We’ve been building kids products and services for the past seven years and saw the opportunity to really expand into ‘learning entertainment’ providing an all-inclusive app that would provide a range of activities for every child, whether they were into Art or Geology, Math or Music.”

For parents concerned about their children mindlessly watching videos, Kidomi allows them the relax. “There are games, books, and interactive activities in Kidomi, but no videos.”

How Much Does Kidomi Cost?

Kidomi is free to download and comes with a seven-day free trial. After the trial period ends, Kidomi requires a subscription. Users can choose from a recurring $7.99 per month subscription or an annual recurring subscription of $59.99.

“We like to think that Kidomi has unlimited fun,” said MacIntyre. “There are hundreds of activities and thousands of hours of play time. Kids get unlimited access to all of the content.”

With new content added every day, my concern was that a child’s favorite game or other piece of content might unexpectedly disappear some day, potentially upsetting the child. “Right now, we have no plans to remove content,” MacIntyre said. “As the product builds a user base and we understand content patterns, we will make some decisions about how to handle this, as we don’t ever want a child to be disappointed!”

What kind of content can users expect to see added? “We’ll continue to add innovative and popular games, books, and interactivity into the product,” MacIntyre said. “We’re excited about the potential for STEM learning as well as expanding our library of just-for-fun games and activities that promote creativity and social-emotional learning.”

One feature that MacIntyre’s team is excited about but not included in launch is a tool that would allow parents and children using different devices to interact. “We’ve had a feature called ‘Mom Comm’ on the road map since the beginning of Fingerprint. We love the idea of creating real engagement between parent and child through in-app messaging or chat. Look for this in the future.”

Where Can I Find Kidomi?

Kidomi is available today on the Google Play store. Kidomi will launch next on the Amazon App store, with iOS and web versions to follow. You can follow Kidomi‘s launch and find out more about the app service at kidomi.com.

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