Hop Aboard the ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Mid-season Return

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Legends of Tomorrow Returns From Mid-Season Hiatus

The final nine episodes of Legends of Tomorrow‘s third season will air in Supergirl‘s customary Monday night slot (8:00 p.m. Eastern/7:00 p.m. Central) beginning tonight on The CW and wrapping up with the season three finale on Monday, April 9—after which, Supergirl will return to finish its third season run.

Season three has seen the Legends popping in and out of history, attempting to fix anachronisms created when the Legends meddled with their own timestream in the season two finale. Viewers paying attention have likely noticed that a disproportionate number of these anachronisms are appearing around younger versions of the individual Legends. Young Ray and the baby Dominator. Rory’s father in the Vietnam War. Young Martin and Beebo the God of War. Is this a result of said meddling with their own timestreams, or are the villains throwing anomalies at the Legends in an attempt to change their present and futures?

Not only are the Legends running afoul of this season’s cadre of villains: the resurrected Damien Darhk, Darhk’s daughter, the water-bending Kuasa, and the supernatural entity known as Mallus… they are at odds with Rip Hunter’s newly formed Time Bureau, who are considerably less Gallifreyan High Council and more Men in Black. As for Rip, the Bureau have lost faith in their leader, who continues to rant about Mallus, which only Sara has seen at this point in the season, though she has assured Agent Sharp that Mallus is real.

When We Last Left The Legends

The team was in a state of transition following the death of Dr. Stein and the departure of Jefferson from the team. The final shot of Legends of Tomorrow way back in December brought Constantine (yay!) aboard the Waverider. Constantine’s last appearance in the Arrowverse was in season four of Arrow, when Oliver tapped the mystic to help him save Sara’s soul (the last, last, for real last conversation Oliver had with Constantine involved Constantine telling Oliver to be careful when dealing with Darhk, who the Legends are up against this season… again).

John Constantine is not the only familiar face rounding out the team in the back half of season three. Still aboard is Leo Snart, Captain Cold’s doppleganger from Earth X. Also slated to return this season is Jonah Hex, who has appeared in an episode in each season of Legends of Tomorrow. But, the biggest addition to the Legends is Wally West, who is slated to make the move from The Flash–where he has gone from underutilized to completely absent this season. Viewers may remember that while the Legends were disbanded, Nate teamed up with Wally and Cisco in Central City in The Flash’s absence.

Legends of Tomorrow remains the Arrowverse’s must fun, most ridiculous, most insane-in-a-good-way series. Join us each week on the GeekDad Facebook page, where we react to the episodes as they air and in the days after, and tell us what you think about the episodes.

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