Geek Daily Deals 022618 thermos fire tv 4k

Geek Daily Deals Feb. 26, 2018: Save 25% Off Thermos Products; 4k Fire TV Media Streamer for $50

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Geek Daily Deals 022618 thermos fire tv 4kGeek Daily Deals – Make sure your cold foods and beverages stay cold, and the hot stays hot with big savings on Thermos products; get the Fire TV 4k media streaming dongle for just $50 today!

Save up to 25% off on Thermos procuts:

As we science geeks know, there’s no transfer of heat energy through a vacuum, which is why food and beverage containers with vacuum bottle liners make for the best ways to transport hot or cold beverages; and Thermos is the brand everyone knows for this application. Back in the “old” days, Thermos vacuum bottles were made out of glass, and you always had to be careful not to drop on, because the inside would shatter, and you’d end up drinking glass in your coffee. These days, they do the same vacuum bottle effect just with stainless steel, making everything much more durable. Which is why we see the proliferation of these containers all over the place; but the Thermos brand is the one to go for, since they pretty much invented the originals. So, today’s sale on Thermos products is something you shouldn’t miss:

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All-new Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD and Alexa Voice Remote:

Save on Amazon’s answer to streaming media.

The all-new Fire TV has been streamlined and is available at a lower price with 4K Ultra HD, an Alexa Voice Remote, and a new form factor that hangs out of sight behind your TV. With these changes from Fire TV (2nd Gen), if you would like to have the speed and reliability of wired internet, we recommend you purchase the optional Amazon Ethernet Adapter. Depending on your home setup, you can also purchase an optional HDMI extender to position the all-new Fire TV further away from your TV.

If you are using your TV to power Fire TV instead of the included power adapter, you may experience issues with 4K content playback. We recommend using the included power supply for best performance of your device.


Get one today for just $50!


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