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DC Bombshells United #11 cover
Batwoman vs Black Adam

Bombshells United #11 – Marguerite Bennett, Writer; Mirka Andolfo, David Hahn, Artists; J. Nanjan, Colorist


Ray – 8.5/10

Corrina: The Dead Come Back


Ray: Bombshells United continues to be one of the most enjoyable series on the stands, as in DC Bombshells United #11, the fallout from last issue’s huge events unfolds. Jason (I assume Todd) is back from the dead, having been resurrected in the Lazarus pit by Cheetah in a desperate attempt for redemption (it doesn’t seem to be working, at least in Renee’s eyes). This Jason is young and naive, but it’s clear from the start that he didn’t come back entirely normal. There’s odd moments of race and supernatural influences, but his mothers are too overjoyed to notice. Talia tries to warn Kate that the labyrinth and the Lazarus Pit try to keep people there forever, serving as some sort of oasis and mystical lure, but she’s not in the mood to listen. Even with dark forces gathering outside.

From the start, one of the biggest questions of this arc was how exactly the evil Black Adam was tied to the previous holder of the powers of Shazam we saw in this series – Miri Marvel. We finally get some answers this issue, as she returns and is mysteriously summoned to Spain to try to rescue some dissidents. It turns out to be a trap, as Black Adam is determined to seize the power he believes should still be his. After he captures her, it all leads to a dramatic showdown in the labyrinth, as the Minotaur known as Heretic returns and Jason displays more worrisome signs that he’s becoming something inhuman – just like the previous recipient of the Lazarus Pit’s gift. This series somehow manages to be a full world in only one title, instead of a whole line, and it never fails to surprise and entertain.

Bombshells United #11
Jason is not quite right. Image copyright DC Comics

Corrina: After several arcs in Bombshells United featuring multiple characters, this arc focusing squarely on Kate Kane and her supporting cast has been one of my favorites. I love all of Bennett’s concepts and characters but sometimes they come so fast and furious that it can be confusing to read.

Not so this arc, which delves into Kate’s past and showcases her losses–the death of Jason and the break-up with Renee Montoya. I wanted to shake her a bit this story as she showed her indifference to the world above because of her happiness at the rebirth of Jason but Kate’s reaction is an entirely human one for someone who lost a child and now has him back. It’s also natural that she would refuse to notice the signs of oddness in Jason at first. But Kate being Kate, she can only force herself into ignorance for so long. I’m worried about the fallout of this mission for her, however. Her relationship with Maggie is so strong–how will she explain all these emotions to her, especially if she loses Jason again? (I suspect Jason will become the new guardian of the Labyrinth at the story’s end, which is better than him dying but it still means Kate will feel the loss.)

But, burying the lead, yay, Mary (or, rather, Miri) Marvel arrives to save the day. Okay, it’s a trap. But I’m looking forward to the final showdown, as bittersweet as it may prove to be for Kate and Renee.

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