Review—’Black Panther #3: Long Live the King’

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A change of pace for the king of Wakanda, now facing a different foe:

This time, it’s Covington, Del Pennino, and O’Halloran who are in charge of a new adventure for Black Panther. Leaving the mysterious monster from the previous issue on hold, King T’challa must now identify a new villain: who is behind the Gorilla cult who has been attacking the northern villages of the kingdom?

As a sub-plot, there is the matter of a former friend, Kantu, who is now in possession of a large amount of vibranium, and intends to use it on T’challa.

Just how versatile is vibranium? From a set of different animals of all sizes, (which blindly obey their master), to the hidden and completely detailed man-cave; there is something Kantu is not telling his old friend.


After kidnapping him with the help of his metallic pets, he seems to strike a deal with Black Panther. Instead of betraying him, he will show him how to find a sorcerer who is now helping the Gorilla cult, because he has been monitoring them, in search for more vibranium, or so he says.

In the next issue, they must visit a hidden temple and defeat Wakanda′s enemy, but will they? Or will this Kantu character ally with the cult and destroy King T′challa instead?

We shall wait to find out… I find the story-line compelling, and all the characters interesting (especially T′challa′s sister, who is working behind the scenes, monitoring everything from a computer at the center of the kingdom). I want to read what′s next. And I am looking forward for Okorafor to finish her plot as well!

“Black Panther #3: Long Live the King” is now available on Comixology and wherever comics are sold.

Disclaimer: GeekDad received this title for review purposes.

Featured image by Mario Del Pennino for Marvel

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