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Kid-Proof Your Nintendo Switch With Nyko’s Bubble Case and Joy-Con Swivel Grips

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With the Nintendo Switch recently crowned the fastest-selling console of all time, there’s a fair chance that you and yours picked one up over the holiday season, and with good reason. With its impressive, critically acclaimed first-party software lineup, unique portability, and keen focus on local multiplayer, the Switch is a family system for family gaming, but how do you protect your investment from the sticky, slimy hands of your youngest? Fear not, for Nyko’s new Bubble Case and Joy-Con Swivel Grips are here to help.

nyko bubble case
image: Nyko

Nyko Bubble Case for Nintendo Switch

Unlike the previously reviewed Thin Case, Nyko’s Bubble Case eschews a less-is-more approach to console protection by begrudgingly admitting that more is, in fact, more. Obviously, its thick, foamy three-piece construction isn’t what you’d call dock-friendly. In fact, its closed-back design even makes the Switch’s Tabletop mode inaccessible, but its bulky build and bundled screen protector do make it a quite a boon when younger gamers want to take the system on the go.

Cushioning your console from most minor drops and scraps, the Bubble Case is rather reminiscent of the Nerf-style 3DS cases of old. The color scheme echoes that of the Neon Switch bundle, and the Joy-Cons can be easily attached or detached even whilst wearing their new protective garb. Access to the Switch’s USB-C port is a little tricky within the recesses of this case, but its overall malleability means its easy enough to put on and take off based on where the Switch is being played and who is playing it.

At $15, it hits the sweet spot for price. Admittedly, the Bubble Case isn’t winning any beauty contests, but it’s a solidly functional solution for those situations when your system needs a little extra coverage.

nyko swivel grips
image: Nyko

Nyko Swivel Grips for Nintendo Switch

Similarly, Nyko’s Swivel Grips make the Joy-Cons themselves a bit easier to hold onto. Instead of thick, sponge-like material, these little beauties are composed of thin, clear plastic—which means they coordinate with any color Joy-Con. Better yet, a pair of retractable “wings” swivel out from either end, adding an additional dimension to the functional but slight single Joy-Con play configuration.

In addition to helping little hands more easily grasp the Joy-Con, they also help those with larger mitts by giving the otherwise diminutive controller a more familiar, defined shape. Installation is a snap, and the Swivel Grips can even be left on with the Switch docked (though they do take a little getting used to when playing in standard Handheld mode).

Retailing for a mere $10, these, too, are priced to move. If you’re a regular player or titles like Snipperclips or routinely pass out Joy-Cons for a few quick rounds of Mario Kart 8, these little guys will likely prove a godsend.

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