Give Even More With the Wyrmwood Gaming Bonus $50 Gift Certificate Deal

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Guaranteed classier than a Starbucks gift card. (Image: Wyrmwood Gaming)

Wyrmwood makes some of the greatest wood gaming gear this side of the Atlantic and this holiday they’ve pulled out all the stops to make sure that you get the most bang for your buck.

Flash Sales and Roll the Dice

Flash Sale items are 50% off or more, but you’ve got to be quick (Image: Wyrmwood Gaming)

Wyrmwood has slashed the prices on some of its rarest woods by half or more for certain products. Adventurer’s Sets in Ziricote (currently $250, previously $406) and Dice Vaults in Kalimantan Ebony (currently $70, previously $190) are some of the top deals at the moment, but the selection changes frequently. Especially if you’ve had your eye on a certain rare wood but couldn’t pull the trigger, it’s a great way to get more for less cash.

Roll the dice and you’ll get a surprise rare wood! (Image: Wyrmwood Gaming)

If you’re feeling lucky, you can also take advantage of Wyrmwood’s Roll the Dice sale. Starting at $50 for a Dice Vault, up to $300 for a full Dice Tower system, this deal will randomly select a rare wood for your chosen product. I grabbed a Hero Vault when they first offered it in October and ended up with a super rare Black Poisonwood vault. If you’re not picky about which wood you get, it’s a great way to get more for your money.

Real Wood Gift Certificates

If you’re completely stymied on what to pick up for the gamer on your list (or you’re waiting for the Game Master Screen System to be released), you can also grab a gift certificate. Rather than just sending out paper certificates, Wyrmwood upped the gifting factor and instead mounts parchment paper on Black Walnut. It’s considerably more impressive than a plastic card or scrap of paper.

Free $50 Gift Certificate

Speaking of gift certificates, until the end of business on 12/18 (the last day to order to guarantee shipment by Christmas), if you order $250 or more on the Wyrmwood site, you’ll get a $50 gift certificate. This is good for any of their products, such as the ones in the Flash Sales and Roll the Dice promotions above. It does not extend to the gift certificates themselves. It’s the perfect way to give a little extra.

Head over to the Wyrmwood Gaming site today to guarantee that you’ll receive your gifts by Christmas. The gift certificate offer ends at 12 AM EST on 12/18.

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