Trinity #16 cover

Review – Trinity #16: Deadshot At the Holidays

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Trinity #16 cover
Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and..Deadshot. image via DC Comics

Trinity #16 – Rob Williams, Writer; V. Ken Marion, Artist; Sandu Florea, Inker; Dinei Ribeiro, Colorist


Ray – 6/10

The creative team behind the last arc sticks around for one more issue, a holiday issue focusing on Deadshot. It’s a definite improvement over the previous arc, but it’s still lacking quite a few elements to make it fully work – including closure, which is kind of a problem for a done-in-one. The issue kicks off with a full-on action segment as Batman and his ally-for-a-day, Deadshot, intercept a truck driven by Kobra goons. When Batman enters the truck, one takes a pill that transforms him into a monstrous man-snake hybrid. That happens a lot this issue – Williams seems to like his grotesque transformations, based on the last arc and his run on Suicide Squad. The real conflict, and the reason hero and villain are working together is that Deadshot’s daughter Zoey has been taken by Kobra.

Zoey’s been little more than a convenient kidnapping target since her introduction, unfortunately, and that doesn’t change here – she doesn’t actually appear in the flesh for the entire issue. Superman and Wonder Woman, attending a Wayne Foundation New Years’ celebration with their loved ones, enter the battle later. The team dynamic here is a lot better than the last few issues, and even Lois and Steve Trevor get to show off a little towards the end of the issue. The story has a ticking clock element, taking place in the hour before midnight, but while a major crisis is averted and the action segments are top-notch, it doesn’t actually answer the question of where Zoey’s being held and sends a broken Deadshot back to jail without answers. Given that this isn’t planned to be followed up on, that makes it a read I can’t really recommend.

Trinity #16 page 1
Where does an introspective Batman hang out? On the rooftops, of course. Image via DC Comics

Note: Corrina’s not reading this comic as she’s not on its wavelength.

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